Saturday, March 19, 2005

...aren't these things DAMN COOL?!?

... aren't these things DAMN COOL?!?

(entry: Carlos)

...while I was visiting Lee (Bermejo) in Italy, we ended up taking a day-trip to Venice, and the "Venice Carnival" had just ended, so there were AWESOME masks everywhere. While we were walking through the city, Lee pulled me to show me these little bastards on a store window: don't they kick all kinds of a$$?!?...They are your 'standard' androgynous mask with pouty lips, but with all kinds of crazy stuff glued and cut everywhere on them. Anybody that knows me knows I'm a 'bit' obsessed with machinery, so I just about had an org...ahem, got very exited when I saw these. (^_^)

I was VERY tempted to buy one, but if I'm not mistaken, the cheapest was like 300 euros I think (about 400 bucks?), and it seemed excessive at the time, BUT now, I actually regret not getting the damn thing (sigh) oh well, that just gives me an excuse to go back and bug Lee and all the other Homies in Italy again...I do miss the damn pastries and coffee...Oh, and the hot chocolate too...hmhhhm, and the pasta, and the fresh cheese and prosciutto, and the Pizza, and the piadinas, and the delicious appetizers at the 'brasseries," and the wine (oh man, the wine was so damn good! )...dammit, I'm getting hungry now. :(

...and now, back to the drawing table,




Hey Carlos you should try making one, and post it later one, but man they are sweet.

Sam Out-


You know I look at it again and it's like Rainbow Brite assimilated to the Borg, wich in fact would be pretty sweet in its self.

Sam Out-

GTJDorris said...

Carlos --

Thanks for the glowing memories of Italy. I'm studying abroad in northern Italy (even further north of Venice, but not too far away) this summer and I can't freaking wait. Tell a brother the "must see's" in Venice and the area. I don't wanna miss a thing, but I know in the end it will never be enough time to see it all. Oh, and I definitely think you could make one of those masks of your own. You're definitely talented enough to pull that off. You should give it a go if you ever get the time; we'd all like to see how it turned out. Thanks, take care, be well.

-- Jonathan

meek? said...

They are damn cool. Looks like somethin' you could recreate on paper well @ least. And yes, appetizers in brassieres are delicious. lol... ;]


Tyler Wilken said...

Those remind me of something I've seen in a movie. I cant place the movie, but I know I've seen those before. And yeah, I agree with everyone else, you should try and make one (if ya have some time). I bet it will be much more rewarding, than spending 400 bucks on one.

Vittorio said...


patman said...


i just saw the Hal Jordan Green Lantern VS card preview. wasn't a pretty good scan but enough for me to see that the art really rocked

Nicolas said...

Hye Carlos

That's some really good masks, as you said, you should have bought one, there are really beautiful, i want one too for myself now :)
And if you like good cheese, and good wine, you can come to see me in France, here in Avignon ;-) ask Cammo and Gab, they have already come, and they liked it a lot ^-^.