Saturday, March 26, 2005

Cow Tipping

Cow Tipping


Here is a very old image I did back when I worked at Marvel. Marie Javins was an editor at the Big M at the time and had a bovine themed collection of sketches including some incredible ones by all sorts of names in the industry.

I, of course, had to add to her collection and came up with this bull. It was done with marker and whiteout...a lot of whiteout. I would put down blacks with ink, go back over it with white then add black again and then with white, creating a very 3-D and textured look. May have been because it was in fact, 3-D. You could run your fingers over the image and feel and the ink and whiteout caked on all over the piece.

I liked the etched look it gave me and the illusion of light streaming through the tree branches. Go to her website and click on the names on the left to see all sorts of other cow-themed sketches. It's worth the trip.


icemanx62 said...

The 3-D textured look came out well with the marker and whiteout. A bull never looked so good. A very interesting piece considering we hardly see you draw any animals besides Krypto in your work.

Gelatomettista said...

Well, there's a reason why the grass is so high...


Salix said...

That website is pretty fascinating, and that Alex Ross cow piece with the Hulk is funny. Maybe all the artists on here should draw their version of an animal, like a llama, or a liger :P

nohoohboy said...

I remember reading in a Wizard you had a hard time drawing Krypto. Does this usually apply for all animals? And also, are there gonna be any cons or store signings you're gonna be in at Los Angeles? And like I commented in your last post, ja jang myun is very very good. There was this great place near Western and Olympic but it got closed down. But the Chinese restaurant in Korea Town Galleria makes a good one. Also good dduk ppo gee. Yeah. Definitely good food.

Neo said...

Hi Jim
Great bull :-) How convenient the grass was so high, you would have had to draw it's legs otherwise.
How lucky is that? Long grass just where you need it!


Very nice I love themed sketches, I have a strange collection of themed sketches myself, and cows are always great and weird.
Its things like this that attract me to artist, I was fascinated with Travis when he was doing Flash annual 5, cause he drew a bunch of rubber chickens, if your sketching cows for someone- well you go up in the cool factor, weird- but cool factor too- way cool Jim.

Sam Out-


MAN, She's got some wicked bovines, and a Mark Chiarello, very sweet- I laughed a lot, man, Jim thanks for showing us that site, I just book marked it, It's always the unpublished hard to find sketches and the such that are SUPER COOL.

Sam Out-

Guerrilla Outfit said...

thanks for the link Jim!!!

alex ross cow pic was hilarious!!!

patman said...

nice cow! now if only krypto was a super-cow. loved the alex ross piece! i was suprised that it was the only one that really had a superhero element to it (unless your piece has wolverine hiding in the grass before pouncing on his 400 pound steak!)



Hey, george had some hero elements in his cow pieces, like the wolverine horns?