Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dell' Lee

Dell' Lee

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Here is an elaborate con sketch done at last year's Angouleme comics festival. A French fan--Xavier, probably Gabrielle Dell'Otto (Secret War, Batman:Europa) biggest fan and supporter got Gabe and I to each pencil on the same piece of paper. I sketched out Zealot on the left, and Gd8 did Grifter.

Gabe then painted both figures to create a stunning, unique image which hopefully will be the first of many other images we create together...once he gets his business squared away on Secret War. And he did it fast...that kid is talented.

Here is a bigger shot here.


patman said...

saw this at flickr before it was finally posted to the blog. think GDO really did a great job painting on this one (possible a better match to your linework than mr ross?). makes the wait for the long delayed secret war #4 bearable seeing stuff like this.

i gotta remember to get sketches in 1 piece of paper for more interaction instead of the usual one-offs. they really look so much better! now if i can only find cons in manila with enough artists. heh!

looking at the detail, i guess there are less fans lining up for sketches? otherwise, you guys can't do the level of detail expected from euro cons. am i right?

thanks for always sharing these with your fans, jim!

jrsorrell said...

Dell’Otto’s work is so inspiring and yes he is super talented! I saw this piece a while back on a Gabriele Dell’Otto fan site (in fact Xavier manages it) and I remember thinking "Jim and Gabriele definitely need to collaborate more often." He is a busy guy, but I can see why. I can't wait to see the rest of his Secret War work and also to see his upcoming Batman work. Of course I want to see your work too Jim!


thesandman said...

i say...this is one good piece.

gndrmbs said...

Wow... absolutely awesome.

If you don't mind me asking, Jim, how were the white highlights done?


Jack Smith said...

i miss grifter and zealot...

great sketch


I love sketches on paper with some color on it, not just the sketch but the paper too, especially when highlights are added, then the images really come to life, as they hop off the page, I hope you do some more colab's like this Jim.

Sam Out-

Paolo said...

This artwork ROCKS! Wonderful..

but... the baloons...

VERGOGNA! -___-;

Siete due zozzoni! Ma vi pare??

Poor kids.. even if what they say it's absolutely true.

-I say this, but... the art is so cool, I really dont' mind the baloons!-

Oh, btw, just read the first issue of secret war. Wow!

nohoohboy said...

Awesome piece. Would you say it was a better experience working with Gabe or Ross? I know this is probably one if not only piece you've done with Gabe, but it seems like he's been doing it forever. That is a beautiful picture.

antonio said...

Wow!! I understand more and more why the work of Gabe is quite impressive!!!...thanks for sharing it Jim..have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

xavierboyer said...

Hey Jim,

Thanks for posting and sharing this INCREDIBLY awesome painted sketch!

Here is what the sketch was looking like before being painted by Gab :


You got to give credit to Jim too since he wrote the whole dialogue (in Italian please) ALL by himself!
After finishing his Zealot, Jim asked me if it was ok that he could write some message for Gab! I said no problem! Then he wrote some italian stuff on the sketch... When it was finished I brought the paper back to Gab (to show him) and he laughed a lot and gave the paper to Cammo who was next to him). Gab was so shocked he was not willing to translate me what naughty Jim wrote! A nice sketch convention no?

Again a BIG "thank you" to both Jim and Gab (Gabriele, not Gabrielle Jim) for what most be my most treasured sketch (which is framed now)!


Vittorio said...

Si,in effetti Zealot è un po' una figa di legno :) ...
Are acrylic colours???

Paolo said...

xavier, I wonder.... do you know what jim wrote on the sketch? ^^;;;

xavierboyer said...

Hello Paolo!

Yes I know what "naughty" Jim wrote on the sketch as Cammo was kind enough to translate it for me (since Gab was so shocked that he did not want to translate it)!

Who knew that Jim was such a joker?

Gelatomettista said...

I'm pretty sure GRifter says--Hey Grifter, small women like to hibernate in dank which Grifter replies, hey one who talks a lot doesn't buy a lot of trumpets.

= D