Friday, March 18, 2005



Hi y'alls, how's it going?!?

...again, I apologize if I've been posting so little lately, but deadlines have me glued to the drawing table right now. (^_^) ...I wanted to take a bit of time and thank Señor Mark Brooks (or is it, BrookShire?!? heheh)

...and by the way, Mark sings like an angel when he Karaokes "brown eyed girl"), but anyway, Dude, thank you very, very much for participating in the 'metti's "Iron Chef" challenge!!! You're a DAMN good artist, and it was an honor and pleasure to 'battle' you. :)

...and to answer somebody's question, as far as I know, the "Iron Chef" drawings are being done with the specific purpose of donating them to some kind of charity if I'm not mistaken, so they're not really for sale, but thank you very much for showing interest, I am flattered and blushing. :)

y'all take care, and now, back to the drawing table for me. (^_^)

aka "El Tiburon Asesino"



I got the Shark part Carlitos, but what is Asesino' I'm a little rusty on my spanish, haven't used it for a year or so...

Hey That pic was great of Hellboy's little sister, and thanks for leaving the table to do the "Iron Chef Challange", I was worried it'd be close.

Sam Out-

eddie scrafton said...

Hi Carlos

Love the Sin CIty sketch!

Been trying to get in touch with you by a variety of routes. I'm really interested in purchasing some of your original art. Do you sell the pages yourself or go through a dealer?

If it's possible, and you wish to discuss this further, you can e-mai lme at



Chuckeedee said...

... 'asesino' means 'killer'. I'm not sure what wrestler wears that mask, but I LOVE that damn thing!!! (^_^) far as me selling original artwork, I just started doing so very recently (and now for the plug) BUT if anybody is interested in giving me 'beer and toy money', I'll take some stuff with me to the show in NYC at the end of this month :)

...and by the way, I'd love to take credit for it, but that cool SIN CITY piece was actually dawn by Mr. Mark Brooks.

take care y'alls,


FumaFumarolas said...

Warap Chuck... Well actually there's no wrestler with the name 'El Tiburon Asesino'. I did an extensive research on the subject and I didn't find anything...Ok I just Googled it and found nothing... So anyhoo, you should probably copyright it and wrestle your way to stardom! But will 'El Tiburon Asesino' be a match for 'Fumarolas, el heroe de la esquina'?! Muahahaha!

Anyway, I hope you got my email.


Chuckeedee said...

heheh ... that wrestler's name's not taken then? AWESOME, but the name's not 'legendary' enough, maybe I can be "El Tiburon Asesino IV", or "El Hijo de el Tiburon Asesino"? something like that, that way it has more of a 'legacy', and maybe my arch-enemy can be "Aluche" or someone like that (^_^)

Carlitos. you guy's know who's mask that is? for the most part, I know most wrestler's masks, but this one I just got 'cause it had that cool 'mohawk' thingie, and big teeth, but I don't know who the wrestler is ... maybe an old 'Mil Mascaras' mask?

FumaFumarolas said...

hehehe, not legendary enough?... well i've actually seen all of 'mil mascaras' mask at an 'lucha libre' exhibition in Juarez... The dude only had 30 masks!!! Anyway, I don't remember seeing your mask there. Oh yeah, Mil Mascaras is making a new movie! yeaaaah!!!

eddie scrafton said...


Dammit!! Meant to type Hellboy and typed Sin City instead...How to look like a dolt!

I'm in the UK so won't be able to make it to the NYC convention.

However, I would love to be able to give you 'beer and toy money':) If you're willing to sell internationally and ship to the UK I'd be more than happy to part with some 'beer and toy money'in return for some of your fabulous artwork.

If you want to discuss this my e-mail is