Thursday, March 24, 2005

...and now, the inked stuff.

... and now, the inked stuff.

(entry: Carlitos)

Ok, here are the inks over my 'breakdowns'.  As you can tell, for the most part, the drawing remains the same, but at this stage, I can really start throwing shadows, textures, 'cleaning' folds on clothing, half-tones (hatching), etc. In essence, the 'frosting' on the cake.  There are MANY things I would like to fix and redraw on most pages I do, but overall, it's not horrible for a "page a day". (^_^)

For me, finally making the decision to commit to doing a monthly book has been AWESOME!!! It’s definitely hard, especially penciling and inking it.  You have to make A LOT of compromises as far as the art goes.  You just can't spend that much time analyzing every little aspect of it, or redrawing things left and right.  Most of the time, your 'first' try, becomes your last, simply because the 'time-crunch' makes corrections or redraws into a "luxury" ...BUT, at the same time, the "do or die" rhythm of doing a monthly is a GREAT learning experience.  It forces you to think on your toes, and also lets you REALLY see what your 'weak spots' as an artist might be, and also pushes you to find a fast and effective way to fix those weaknesses.

A great source of inspiration are artists like Eduardo Rizzo or Marcelo Frusin (or Todd McFarlane in his day) even Jim (Lee).  All these guys have penciled and inked AMAZING looking books on a monthly schedule, so that right there let's you know that 'IT CAN BE DONE', and it can be done VERY WELL, without 'hacking' the stuff out.

So, one can only hope to be that damn good one day. (^_^)



johnnyjustice said...


What takes the longest for you: coming up with the layouts and pencilling the page or actually inking them?

Keep up the awesome stuff!


nohoohboy said...

What do you prefer? Pencilling or Inking?

Chuckeedee said...

Honestly, right now I really don't really have a 'preference' as to what I enjoy doing more. When I ink the stuff, it really feels more like drawing because I'm not strictly going over any of the old pencil lines, and again, this is something I do on purpose SO I don't get bored. I would never have the patience to do 'finished pencils' then go over it with inks; it would feel like I was doing the same drawing TWICE, and eventually, the 'mental fatigue' would kick my a$$.

... and to answer your questions, both steps for me as just as fun, or just as annoying, it really depends on the page. Any of you out there who's ever dawn a page knows that it really is just a process of 'problem solving'; what panel shape should I use? what angle? how should I place the shadows? is it easy to follow the storytelling? are the eyes 'lines-up' right? does the foreshortening work? etc etc. Some pages I can pencil very fast without a problem, but then I get stuck with something in the inks; maybe the lines start getting too 'heavy' and thick (one of my problems), or maybe the blacks get too 'busy' and aren't 'reading' right ...again, it really does depend on the page, and if you had your WHEATIES that morning (^_^)



I can only hope the same for me Carlos.

Sam Out-

nohoohboy said...

Thanks for the answer!

villaglobo said...

d, you stink!

outsiders 21 sucked major ass, I hope you get your shit together,

love you,


monsanto said...

looks great! to be able to ink your own work in not common these days.

Chuckeedee said...

Cesarito Cesarito

... see?!? who needs enemies when you have annoying, pain in the butt Nephews? ...heheh, shouldn't you be doing something productive, like, buying me tickets for Coachella or something?!?


eddie scrafton said...

Nice insight as to how you work Carlos.

Ryan said...

Must say that you were a motivating factor in me adding Outsiders to my pull list...truly wonderful stuff you've been doing. That said, I just read an article on The Pulse where Shawn Moll is doing at least issue #22 and he's waiting for the script to #23...does this mean you're off the book, or just taking a breather?

Chuckeedee said...

... Thank you very much for the compliments. I am having a blast drawing OUTSIDERS. :)

The first few issues I've drawn (to me) feel a bit 'rough around the edges', but the more I draw, the more comfortable I get with the characters, and also with the monthly schedule (for example, the issue I'm working on right now is the one I've been the most satisfied with the finished pages).

As far as issues #22 and #23 go, at the time I didn't know DC wanted me to be the 'regular' artist on the book, so I had made plans to go bug Lee (Bermejo) in Italy, if not, I would have loved to have drawn them as well. Issue #24 is my 'real' jump-on point as the regular artist on the series. (^_^)