Friday, March 25, 2005

Voodoo Lounge

Voodoo Lounge


Been meaning to post up a larger shot of this sketch I did at a show in Naples, Italy, a year ago. Sometimes at shows I will experiment with different techniques and approaches. Sometimes I will do all the sketches just in pencil, other times, I will whip out the sable brush and ink and do washes.

This time, it was a traditional marker and whiteout sketch but with some pencil rendering and patterns thrown in. I chose that approach as I didn't want her tattoo to overwhelm the shot. Having something that complex and large on her figure would really jump out in straight black and white and I wanted a more subtle look.

Here's what it looks like closer (link.)


cadam said...

Dear Jim,
Thanks for many generous, fascinating posts. I have about a hundred questions I'd like to ask you but I'll ask just one this round.

For several years now I've sensed there is an important kinship between Italy and Korea. Having travelled extensively in Italy and being born in Seoul I thought you might be in a unique position to comment on this. I am an American living on the island of Goeje South Korea. I have lived in Korea for two years now. I have been to Italy twice and around every corner here in Korea is something that reminds me of Italy. They're both peninsulas of course, both share a history of turbulent relations with their immediate neighbors and folks of each country are known to be passionate and quick tempered. Do you ever get a chance to visit Korea? After I read some of the Gelattometti archive I sensed this bond between Italy and Korea was registering in your life too.

Keep up the good work. Its great to see someone who is older than 26 doing some very fine comics work.

Jack Smith said...

thanks Jim!

brings back memories! after you went on your hiatus after starting up wildcats, i loved your art for WC but i loved travis and watching him grow as well.

it was very sad for me to see WC change so much as soon as you left it though.

(i liked street smarts but once again as soon as travis left, i could not stand to see Hitch draw my fav characters)


I really thinks this was an effective sketch, the pencilled tattoo make a real nice "ah-ha" moment, the subtle things are nice secondary rewards.

Thanks Jim

Sam Out-

nohoohboy said...

Hey Jim. It's cool learning what techniques you guys might apply when sketching for people. I got tons of sketches from Wizard World and each artist does their own thing different. Color master Sinc made his expecially interesting, adding in a bit of color to emphasize some parts of his Batman. Anyway, keep up the good work. That is an awesome sketch of Voodoo by the way.

icemanx62 said...

I love the detail of the tattoo on Voodoo's leg considering you are probably pressed for time at a convention. Impressive as always Jim. Jim will you be attending all 3 days at the Big Apple Con? Thanks!

Gelatomettista said...

cadam, I don't want to go too far out on a branch with this one, but I completely agree with you. There are many connections; cuisine being one of them. Meat filled raviolis, thick noodle dishes (anyone try ja jang myun?) and a zest for life (not necessarily apparent to foreigners on first glance in Korea tho).

iceman, I will be at the show all 3 days I think.


nohoohboy said...

Jim, Ja jang myun is the best. Only with the goon man doo though. :)