Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Superman Spread

Superman Spread


Was going to foodblog a bit more but I can hear those channel clickers clicking already so here's some art for a change. You've seen the colored covers, but here for the foist time are the pencils to the two covers to Superman 215.

Click here for a closer look.

Sharp eyes may spot the changes that were done after this piece was scanned in. Scott Williams, upon getting the original pointed out some wonkiness so I spent another 2 hours tweaking little minor things. At that point, I was so tired of looking at it, I couldn't stomach even scanning it again.

The interiors look solid and I think are a fitting end to Brian's saga.


bluepop said...

WOW! Awesome Jim! Always nice looking at your detailed pencil. Thanks!

Vince said...

This ONE rules ! your pencils are so sharp and the details ... No I don't care if people say that I'm a geek ! No problem , I'm a geek ! And you know what ? When I see this Picture I'm proud to be a geek ! I'm a Superman geek , A Jim Lee geek and damnit , a comicbook geek !!!

Jim , that's the reason why I love your work : you make me feel like DRAWING ! I hope you are proud of yourself : now I want to draw Superman , batman and every guys of the DC Universe !
This pics is THE reason I love your work : everytime you do a picture , you surpass yourself , nobody ask you to do something so detailled , but you've done it ! No matter how hard it was or tired you were : you've done it ! You have done your 23 pages per month , and many people said you couldn't , who's laughing now ?

You know Jim , I'm not saying that because I want a sketch or because I want some signatures , it's not that I don't care but I'm saying that because , for me , you are a model .

Geek mode off ( until next time ! lol ! )

Shawn Richter said...

So does Scott W have a heart attack when he sees he has to ink something like this? ;)


You know I think I like Supe's punch better on the pencils, his arm is real short not matching to his ribcage and such but I dunno maybe it's just the charm of pencils, and it also looks like Supe's, (on the left) Jaw is more pronounced in the colored version, however it is nice regardless if the arm was a little short, maybe cause I have little T Rex arms my self, Thanks for posting some MADCRAZY pencils-- you da MAN Jim- you da MAN.

Sam Out-

johnnyjustice said...

Can someone please say "detail"...about a hundred times!

It's amazing to see the differences in pencils and inks on a comic page/cover. It's literally two different drawings, with each having something better than the other to bring to the table.

Thanks for posting this, Jim!


MR FURIOUS said...


as usual, top notch indeed. i think you should include sketched work as variant covers. thanks for the lovely post. (patiently waiting for your iron metti challenge.)

alexanderG26 - big fan

eddie scrafton said...

Prrof of Scott Williams greatness...How many other people would have the balls to point out to Jim Lee that something looked a little 'wonky' and needed touching up?

Great pencils, Jim, and great work on the finished item, Scott.

monkeysdraw said...

This is a common problem. It happens to everybody. I found that it helps if you don't look at your drawing for a day or so (longer the better) then look at it again. You'll usually see what's wrong with it. Using mirror and asking people helps too.

Awesome drawings!!
The only negative thing is the posing of punching superman (looks stiff). The fixed looks better though.

Mecha said...

cool...where do u start wen u wanna figure sumthin like this kick ass double spread cover?...i mean where do u get ur inspriation from?...kick ass design btw!

icemanx62 said...

The detail in this piece just jumps off the page. Nice work as always Jim.

bluepop said...

After looking back at both pencil and color version, definitely the left leg in final version looks much better. Good job for both you and Scott. The Best Team in term of pencil and ink.

antonio said...

I was about to say Wow!! when I saw the pencils..oh well what the heck!!?? WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!
I loved the pencils a lot!! Beautiful work Jim..JESUS ANTONIO

Brett said...



2 questions though...

1) When will you be posting more Hi Rez art for inkers to practice? and

B) [heh heh] I would love to see Scott W get involved in this blog! I understand he's a busy guy and inking is very time consuming...but even if he we able to post once a week with some helpful hints or tips...or even his attack oon a page...I'm dieing to see a Quick Time moive of how he inks!!! Come on! Make it happen!

nohoohboy said...

George Perez would be proud. Would you consider working with Rucka on his Wonder Woman run? I think it'd be amazing to watch you work on her. Complete the trifecta of the Big 3 of DC. :)

monsanto said...

Wow! Are you planning to draw all DC titles? Like Wonder Woman and SHAZAM? It would be amazing to turn the other books into instant hits because of you, working on them. :)

Can Scott W still do pencil works? I think he can really draw kick ass pencil work as well right?

Gelatomettista said...

wonderrealm, nah he doesn't but most likely did when he saw the cover to Batman and Robin: the Boy Wonder #1!

missileman, yeah, it's a stiffer pose than normal but that was the intent. I go all out on the figure extension usually but in shots where I want to stage it so that neither figure is getting the upperhand, you need to have the figures more upright. Plus, I needed both of them to be more vertical than horizontal. Also wanted that Superman vs Muhammad Ali cover look where it was two characters going at it toe to toe, slugging away.

eddie, well, after you work with someone for 15+ years, you would think you could ask for changes. I also have no hangups about picking up a pen or whiteout to tweak the inks tho it's rare and Scott has no problems with it as well. In fact, when I ask for changes, he sometimes hands me a pen and say, go ahead, knock yerself out. One of the few benefits of working with someone for so long.

mecha--the inspiration for this cover came from my appreciation and admiration of George Perez's work. He is really good at composing and organizing detailed covers like this with lots of different visual elements.

nooohboy--WW isn't in the cards in the near future. After Batman and Robin: the Boy Wonder, I am returning to the WSU with not one, but TWO different projects!