Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wonder Woman

screw it...let's get the new art started now.

(entry ricH)

I think I mentioned it here briefly but about 2 weeks before the San Diego comic con my cat that I have had for nearly 15 years went in for what I was told was a pretty minor operation. Lucky me....she went into cardiac arrest and almost died. Since then I have basically spent the last 13 weeks trying to save her life.

It's been miserable, totally stressful, completely destroyed my bank account, and I really have just been stunned by the whole thing. But; Stuff like that gives you a new perspective and I think overall I have learned something about myself, what's important to me, and all that sort of stuff that comes with facing life, death, etc. I know a cat or dog doesn't have the same significance as a person to some people.....but she's been my little pal for so long I would do anything I could to help her along and get her back to at least a stable health for a few more years if I can.



I had started this piece about 5 weeks back...the idea was it was going to be a little step by step of a drawing from start to finish. It was just for fun, and to sort of get back into the swing of drawing every night again. I never got around to finishing it.(my cat got really sick again, and I was back sitting at the 'ER'(emergency room) on and off for several weeks. The piece is of course Wonder Woman...and really for no other reason other than I wanted to draw something fun.




GRODZ! said...

Hey Rich. Sorry about your Cat. Get well soon. As for Wonder Woman looks good.

Gelatomettista said...

Thanks...the post wasn't to get sympathy so I don't need a ton of " poor boy" but I appreciate the nice words.


I just figured I'd mention it....because I know people are wondering what the hell I have been up too and why there hasn't been more new penciling (or 'whatever' medium) art from me...and that's pretty much why.


I did something sort of fun tonight.

I had this free template thing and got a 'hold' page up for my web's pretty lame but it was free. The real site is being done by a friend of mine who's a actual web the real site will be much nicer.

you can check out my little hack job I just did.


Winterbourne said...


two things I can relate to are liking to draw and worrying about a sick cat.

I had a similar experience this year with my Sasha. I didn't know what was wrong with her because it happened while I was away at college. All I knew was she'd lost so much weight and looked ont he verge. The vet figured out it was diabetes, not uncommon for cats her age.

Happy ending, though: a bit of insulin daily and she's gained back all her lost weight, and is yowling for attention again.

The relief just crashed over me like a wave. Unless you've had an animal companion for so long--Sasha's 13--it's hard to understand how tough it is when anything goes wrong.

The drawing's fabulous, btw. I love WW's lips in the picture, and her hair texture and eyes are entrancingly dreamlike. If you ever get around to a step-by-step from it, well... it'd rock. :D

Looking forward to the website! And great to see you posting again!

Keep on doin' what you're doin'.

Jonathon said...

I hope all goes with your cat. I recently had a to put my dog down that I had 12 years. It's not easy to get through. There's not an hour that goes by where I don't think about him. I think losing pets is harder than losing people. (But that's just me.)

Great job on WW. Those pencils are awesome.

Vittorio Giorgi said...! I guess i have to make another link from my blog :)

(WW is great!!)

Mario Alba said...

I can't wait for the site to be launched!

RichardFriend said...

cool thanks.

also I appreciate the stories about other peoples pets. It helps in a way. Over at deviant_art I had a lot of people share stories about their pets and it just makes me feel a little better to know I am not the only person in the world who really cares for their animals (of course I know that's not true..but it's still nice to me hope for the human race!)


It's been interesting spending so much time at an emergency hospital. I am like an honorary vet now I think.

I've spent easily 100+ hours there over the last 2 months. I've seen all kinds of crazy sh*t. It's weird when you see an animal come in really sick or it got hit by a car and the whole family is there freaking out, crying, and it looks like the scared me a lot at first and then you get used to it.

I've seen those same pets go home and look great 3 or 4 weeks's really amazing.

I now bring art books and have been studying painting while I am's surreal to say the least.

I was there I think yesterday and I brought all my Travis Charest Wild Cats comics and was looking at them for the first like 3 years.

it was pretty cool.

and now the cats are BACK~!!

GO JIM!!!!!!


angryf said...

hey man, I recently lost my black lab Coal.. I understand, sorry your having to deal with all that...

I had a bit of time to mess about and played with your WW.. hope you don't mind

if that soen't show up it's here:


RichardFriend said...

Hey that's really cool Allen. You can color it again when I get it done if you'd like.


I am really sorry about you dog. That's super sad.

I actually just rushed my cat down to the ER tonight(like just got home about 20 minutes ago). She was having trouble breathing and it wasn't looking good.....not sure what's going on. She has this weird condition like a complication from the original surgery and it's causing Asthma type sympotms and fluid to build in her chest. We had it under control and it's come back since the weather has sort of changed here in San Diego.

I saw a couple bring there dog in to the vet tonight and it had died in their car on the way down. I guess it got hit by a car a few minutes earlier. It was really sad.

Like I said being down there is really a strange thing and a part of life I have had to be exposed to way too much lately.

It's made me think about a lot of things and in a way really made me appreciate something fun like comics...I needed a mental break after all this stress.

I'll post it up again when it's fully inked.


Unknown said...

man, that's an awesome Wonder Woman...

& I can imagine how you must be feelin' with your cat - I had a black minx named Akira that I lost in a most unfortunate way to say the least... I hope things get better...

Debs - said...

As much as I love my cat, I'd hate for anything bad to happen to her. Of course right now I just think about smothering her or something because she won't let me sleep lately. Argh!

Your sketch- beautiful! I can't wait to see it inked. For all I know it might already be as I was linked directly to this post to see the drawing... beautiful work!

RichardFriend said...

Hey cool cool....I have a little announcement I am going to post up in a few minutes...sorta good news...

I think.