Friday, October 13, 2006

Whilce Factor 3

(entry ricH)

I didn't realize there was already a new Wetworks image or I would have scanned and got something else together for a post. I am super short on as they say in the biz....."grrr...grahble, bleh-de dee blah,, the show must go on."

uhm.....Whilce is crazy and I am convinced he not only set out to do 2 kick ass comics with Batman and Wetworks..he was probably determined to kill his inker.


I would have to be that guy.

pic is a cover to an upcoming issue.



Inkblotz said...

Wow Rich!!! I think you and Whilce make a great team. I think that this are the best inks I hae seen over Whilce's work.

I have always loved his penciles but have always felt like they lost something when they went to the inks. But you manage to not loose anything at all and even add your own something to it.

Awesome job both of ya!!!


and other drawn stuff said...

wow. it's amazing that this drawing with all it's details doesn't look overdone.
but doesn't that amound of details make it hard to reproduce?
this should be printet oversize.
a few details i really love are the crumbling rubble and the totally realisic looking hair.

Nick Thomson said...

Man, that is beautiful, it must take some serious concentration to ink Whilce's stuff so well at the moment as he has definately come back on full form, I'm loving wetworks already and am well looking forward to his Batman Run. It seems like wildstorm is coming back to full force like it used to be which is great (though still kinda miss the early issues of stormwatch as always liked Scott Clark's early stuff on that).
One question though Rich, does this Whilce art that your inking have any affects/influences on the way your pencilling? (actually do you even have time to pencil anymore lol) just curious :)
Cheers and keep this art coming!

RichardFriend said...

Thanks very much for the nice posts.

As for inking Whilce.

To me every penciler is unique. I try and find in their work the fundamental strengths and I try and present the art the way they have drawn it and I have seen it in pencils. Not every penciler wants that though. I think it makes them feel vulnerable.

I am trying to keep the fluidity and energy without overwhelming it with style and flashy techniques/. I want the personality of Whilce to show through not me. I am hopefully wallpaper on the art and more a conduit to the final image he created.

I did the same thing with Chris Bachalo on Steampunk and Travis on Wild Cats. Even Ale' on Skyerunner. The inks should only enhance the art. Not consume it, or pull it in a direction that's different than it started.


They have pretty good printing so I don't think the line work will be hurt that way. Color will cover up a lot of my subtle stuff...but that's the way it goes. The essense is still there and to me that works well for print. It's a bit subliminal. "what's going on there?....I wish I could see that more"

I am not penciling at all right now. For the next 2 or 3 months I have to just ink. I am not sure if Whilce's work will rub off on me. He's a great I think there are things I'll learn.

Our styles are similar in some respects and I think different in others. Once I start working on my art again on a regular basis. I go pretty quickly back to my own thing so I don't think there's going to be any major influence that sticks around.

I know pretty clearly the look I am going for with my own work. It's more sureal than this style of artwork.


Winterbourne said...

The textures come out really well, especially the hair.

I was checking out the old Gelatometti entries today... Artshake looks defunct. Do you have a new art blog or are you too busy nowadays?

eric nguyen said...

now this is Whilce, awesome...great work with the inks as well...fantastic job rich

Brett said...

That's just beautiful.

RichardFriend said...

thanks again/

uhm I do have deviant art page. I don't have the link handy right now....

I am not bailing on my pencils or anything.....things got very tight really because I have lost so much time trying to get my cat healthy. It's looking really bad and I am afraid these might be my last few days with her.

It's hard to work (which I am doing right now) while I know the clock is ticking faster than it ever has.

Today she's the worst I've seen her and I am inking a Batman page and doing a cover for Wetworks while I run back and forth trying to make her comfortable and feel loved.

It's miserable.

but the show must go on.


Winterbourne said...

Awww, hang in there man. :(

Kody Chamberlain said...

Really glad to see Whilce back in the game. I've been a fan of his work for a very long time, and I also mirror the other comments, you guys make a great team.

And I must honestly say that Richard, your ink work is probably the best in the business. Extremely diverse and always effective. Looking forward to the book.

Rafa said...

More pics by Whilce can be found here:

RichardFriend said...

again thanks for the comments. I try and stay focused on my work...and don't let much get in to screw with it.


and other drawn stuff said...

best wishes for your cat.