Friday, October 20, 2006

flippin tha switch


Got to go and see one of my favorite bands this past week. Ladytron performed down here at the Belly Up Saloon. Saloooon. I like that word.

Anyway, a lot of the Wildstorm crew made it out for the occasion, Carlos, Jim, Trevor Hill, Larry Berry, and our newbie Joel Gomez. I slipped all the way up to the front because I wanted to be as close as I could get. Gotta say I kinda fell for Helen, the lead singer. I saw angelsssss, hoooo!

Lol, no but seriously they were awesome! We were wondering if perhaps they named themselves after our [Wildstorm's] character, Ladytron? Hmmmm, maybe. Either way, fantastic night! Beautiful women rocking it fo sheez. werd.

"Cold Banana. Delicious brown taste!"


Anonymous said...

LADYTRON iz tha shiz!

Was Ladytron in WildCATs named after the band or vice versa?

I'll have you know BATTLE BOY was not named after anyone. He is a true original. The one. The only. But, I'm sure after reading, some kick butt musicians will decide to name their band BATTLE BOY. Fuhgedaboudit! All's fair in love and art!

I can't wait to hear this answer. I've been wondering for some time.


Anonymous said...

You should be Ladytron for Halloween, G!