Monday, October 30, 2006

The record connection

(entry ricH)

My earliest experiences with art boil down to a couple things. I remember going through my dads desk as a kid (without his knowledge of course) and I found all these cool car and monster drawings he had done (probably in high school) and I was just in awe that you could create stuff like that with a pen and paper. The other strangely enough was my dads record collection.

I have always loved the design and look of album art. Whether it's a logo, a photo, a painting....there is so much great art on CD's.....I just love the medium because there are so many ways to take things.

I just picked up the new My Chemical Romance album(which is great by the way) and as I was sitting in my car at the Target parking lot as I opened it. I saw the art and was like....."this looks like James Jean." sure enough it was. I had mentioned a while back that he was one of the few artists working in comics today I could relate to the most. His work is unusual but still appealing. He does more illustrative work, and the variety of art he produces is just amazing. And he's now working with more and more bands.

Btw, Gerard Way (singer of My Chemical Romance and ex DC comics intern (yes you read that right)are also working on a new comic with covers by James Jean and you can read about it here.

So go James Jean!.....he's really kicking ass and is even more an inspiration for what I want to do in the future.

This was another photo I took recently. It's in a building where we sometimes grab lunch near Wildstorm/ This photo angle literally makes me nauseous. It's not the color I used but the angle that literally makes me dizzy or experience a slight sense of vertigo when I see it.(check it out large here by clicking the photo and see if you experience that sensation)

I am sure my compulsion for doing images like this goes directly back to my fascination with album cover art and design.



Chris Sims said...

That MCR album is graet and James Jean is an artistic GOD! He's definitely someone I look up to artistically He just receently had a workshop in Pasadena at the Entertainment Art Academy. I wish I could've attended. I would have definitely learned a lot!

angryf said...

i miss chicken pasta salads

Gelatomettista said...


that's what I ALWAYS get~!

Good call~!