Wednesday, October 04, 2006


(entry ricH)

I wanted to post up some Wetworks stuff but I wasn't able to get a scan of the particular cover I could show. I though since I had this piece in black and wasn't a bad start to get some new and more regular posts going from me since I had already shared the color version (you can see what was done with the inks).

It's been interesting inking Whilce. It takes quite a while to do each page and he's got a lot of line work which is quite a bit different than stuff I am used to inking. What's really interesting is....the Wetworks and Batman art are slightly different styles for Whilce and I am approaching them each a little different from each other in terms of my inks.

With Batman I am doing some more stylistic line work with designs and little patterns I make up for textures.....with Wetworks the tone is more down and dirty so I have been using more intense and smaller detail almost to the point of stipple or pixelation type pen work. So I'll be interested to see if people notice a slight difference when the books come out.

be back in a day or so with some new pencil art



Mario Alba said...

Great job, Rich!

SteveW said...

Love the b&w pic !!

RichardFriend said...

cool thanks guys...I'll have some of my Wetworks stuff up this week. I need to get scans of the covers.

should be fun.


and other drawn stuff said...

i would like to see a even bigger scan of that picture to observe all the details. especially the big bat in the upper left corner. i love the textures on the wings and the fur.