Sunday, April 30, 2006

Benjamin's Batman


Another Batman inspired piece to check out. I'll be done, but wanted to post something up for the weekend. Final pencils'll be done soon!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Kirby Smash!

[J. J. Kirby aka Fresh Alias, multiple man with multiple styles.]

Here's some new flavors from the mult-verse. When I post, it's my attempt to show you folks how I flip styles. I'm a wild "mutha phuka" and yall never know what I'll show next or when.

"Kirby 4 president" peace Beez


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(entry ricH)

Hey I wanted to let people know that I have started my own blog. I am sick of the MSN groups and I wanted something that feels fresh and new. I knew I was going to be doing this for a few weeks now. Funny thing was, I was going to post 4 final band pics here and then let people know. I stirred up some decent drama so it may seem like I reaction to that or some sort of retaliation to stuff going on here of late. It's not.

I have been getting into so much different visual media and artwork lately that to force a 'group shared' blog to be subjected to it. I personally felt was unfair. To me and to them. I will still post here and the cool thing is I can really go more into detail with stuff, post more art and photography, and the mixed media work I have been doing over there...and not feel like I am pulling things here in some sort of odd direction.

It's basically a replacement for my MSN group in reality, and will tie in with (not online yet)

Here's the link: artshake


Thursday, April 27, 2006

some info on learning.

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(entry ricH)

I don't see there being a ton of activity over the next few days so an extra post won't really matter too much. I get to show a piece of art by Phil Hale and maybe speak my mind on a few things.

Comics is a strange and wonderful place. I think much like any industry where your work is viewed in one way or another by the public and new people are ebbing and flowing in and out sometimes things that were commonly known/ are then NOT commonly known as time goes by and new people come into the fold.

I got hit a few months back on some online comic column called "swipe of the week" (normally meant for published comic work although mine was a non-comic and a non-published drawing.) it was pretty frightening at the time considering I don't draw professionally and I am just showing practice work here. That fact was established 2 years ago on the blog and on my msn group 'redcircle' (now RichardFriend) I found the accusation hurtful and mean spirited. Why attack a little guy working very hard to do something new. I sacrifice a lot to work on my art the way I do. I have chosen to work more traditionally in the way I approached learning to draw as opposed to focusing in on 1 or 2 comic artists and getting all my drawing info from them.

In November of 2003 I started to work on penciling. I spent the first 7 months ONLY working from Bridgman, Loomis, and about 6 real anatomy (some photo and some illustrated) books. That's all I did. I never popped open 1 comic. Not even to enjoy as a break. Next I started doing a raft of photo studies to learn things that I thought these artistic anantomy books could not provide. I went back to try and draw comics and it went ok. I realized I hadn't really learned much about drawing comics...but I had learned quite a bit about drawing.

Next I did what I call my 'free flow' experiment. I have never heard or seen anyone do it before. It was something that happened naturally. I sat down one night and started doing "an illustration a night" They were the Friday night monster sketches, girl pin-ups, mars volta drawings, abstract paintings. Whatever happened or felt right. I did it. Each piece led to the next. A little water color on one, became a full color piece on the next. a little weird effect I did on accident, became 10 abstract paintings. It was a wonderful experience and if you are lucky enough to have 6 months to blow. I would strongly suggest trying this.

That leads me to where I am today. I have been working on my drawing skills for 2 years and I guess it would be 7 months. I am putting myself through a fake art college. I always wanted to learn to draw well and be as original as possible. That's been my only two main focuses for as long as I can remember.

I guess the most annoying thing is that someone would go after me when my intentions and I guess hopes for my comic work are some of the purist. I have gone way beyond comic art to try and find something to bring back to ADD to comics. Something fresh I hope, and something new when I get it all worked out in my head. It's a long road, it's been somewhat a lonely and confusing journey, and it's a hard road. I could sit and copy a comic artist and get work. What's the point? I am not learning to draw to get work. I am learning to draw to express MY ideas. I've been offered penciling work at least 7 or 8 times...I have never took it because I don't want to draw comics yet.

I don't have a mentor who's done what I have set out to achieve. What I am hoping to find, develop, and hopefully someday bring back to comics. If people want to dissect every little twist in turn I take while I put myself through this gauntlet of tests (my fake art college as I like to call it). I say fine. You are only giving more encouragement to prove you wrong.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kirbycolors over D'Anda


First time coloring Carlos. What do y'all think?

You can see Carlos' original rough sketch here.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Skye Runner #1 (out this week)

[Entry: Alé & Rich]

A 5-page preview is online at the bottom of this link and the first issue will also be on the stands this Wednesday. Alé and I are very proud of this book and it's about time it's out. It feels like we've been working on the book for quite a while (which we have~)

It's always a good feeling to finally have the book out so you can finally show what you've been up to for the last half year.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006



I've always wanted to do a Deathblow title and now that DC and Wildstorm are together, it inspired me to do this pin-up.

Hopefully, I'd like to add some more characters to this piece as a triptych, so I'm open to any suggestions too.

Thursday, April 13, 2006



It's amazing what you can do with a little Photoshop and a picture of an ugly loser. LOL

I really liked J. J.'s Wonder Woman and thought it was gonna win. It was close!

Thanks to everyone who voted!

[NOTE: No artists were harmed in the making of this blog and J. J. is safely at home sticking needles in his Ryan Benjamin voodoo doll.]

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Iron Gelatomettista - Kirby's Wonder Woman

Post a comment below to vote for J. J. Kirby!

Iron Gelatomettista - Benjamin's Wonder Woman

Post a comment below to vote for Ryan Benjamin!

Iron Gelatomettista Battle!

Side-by-side! (Don't vote here.)

Iron Gelatomettista - J. J. Kirby

A little background on our first challenger today! Doctor of Rhymology, JJ Kirby came to Earff in a spaceship called MY MOMS and crash landed at Wildstorm. Not long afterwards, working on such titles as BACKLASH, DV8 and the X-BABIES at Marvel.

Lately, he's been working on some 12" vinyl figurines for Upper Deck and when he's not working on his own stuff, you can find him in his kitchen cooking up spaghetti with five different meats or working on perfectin' the ever-lastin' gob-stopper.

He's been a little low-key lately, but he's ready to come out swinging from his rabbit hole and show the world his true colors.

If you're looking for more Kirby love, click here: Art Pimps

UPDATE: Wonder Woman is the secret ingredient for today, so check back around 6:00pm PST to vote for your favorite!

Iron Gelatomettista - Ryan Benjamin

Coming all the way from the tropical islands of St. Croix, Ryan Benjamin's another WS fan-favorite who's back in the studio now. Most recently, he's been doing some animation and 3-D work for the video game industry and has worked on GRIFTER, PHANTOM GUARD, STAR WARS: INFINITIES - RETURN OF THE JEDI, GHOST and VAGABOND.

Not only is Ryan talented at drawing comics, but he works with Tim Bradstreet to model for such characters as Blade, Snake Eyes and even upcoming *Censored* PUNISHER covers, as seen above.

For more of Benjamin's goodness, check out: Ryan Benjamin

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Iron Gelatomettista - Kirby vs Benjamin

The colorful J. J. Kirby and the talented Ryan Benjamin are both back at Wildstorm now and what better way to welcome them than by throwing them against each other in an IRON GELATOMETTISTA CHALLENGE!

Go ahead and post below which single character you'd like to see them draw and they'll go head-to-head tomorrow at 5:00pm PST.

Welcome back to Wildstorm guys...hope you survive the experience!

Skye Runner covers posted!


Just saw the official PR went out for the various Skyerunner covers I am doing. Check out for the whole piece. Meanwhile I uploaded a shot of the pencils as a work in progress. You can see the shapes I blocked out for all the characters and then see how they translated into final inked, colored elements. Here's a closer look.

Dropping in...

Dropping in... Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

Just a quick update and a few images to hold ya over. Been working like CRAZY on so many different things, my head literally hurts. Laid up with a nasty cold/cough/stuffy nose but still working cause of the deadlines. Jammed out the last Infinite Crisis cover--think you Green Lantern fans will get a big kick out of it.

Working on All- Star Batman and Robin and Wildcats at the same time so there hasn't been much time to post...but here's an oldie culled from my's just Batgirl running along a rooftop but I had fun coming back in and laying down some pencil on top. Here's a tighter shot.