Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SDCC 2008 - Pix


Met some old friends, made some new ones and just had a blast all around!

I've recently become a big fan of Joe Ledbetter's toys, so it was highlight to finally meet him and get my brown "Smash!" figure signed by him too.

Still recovering from the show, but I'd do it all again tomorrow, if I could!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who draws the Watchmen?


"The Dark Knight" movie - Awesome, right?

Everyone here at the studio LOVED it and it was doubly exciting to see the Watchmen trailer for the first time! In fact, we're all so excited to see the movie, Jim put together this jam piece for the guys here to all draw on.

We should have the original available at Comic-Con too, so be sure to stop by and see the progress. Just a few more hours now!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Last Week!


If you're coming out to San Diego for the Comic-Con, don't forget to check out the Athenaeum to see all the original art on display from the studio. This is the last week of the exhibit and it all comes down after Sunday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Banners, banners and more banners!


Comic-Con is just seven short days away now and here's a handy map to find us!

DD-11 Sandra Hope
DD-12 Scott Williams
DD-13 Alex Sinclair
DD-14 Rich Friend
DD-15 Carlos D'Anda
DD-16 JJ Kirby
DD-17 Joel Gomez
DD-18 Ryan Benjamin
DD-19 Michael Lopez
DD-20 Oliver Nome

Other WildStorm notables include our resident Art Director Ed Roeder at DD-01 and new colorist Gabe Eltaeb at HH-11, so please stop by to see us all!

While most of us will be in Artist's Alley again this year, Jim will be sitting with the "Naked Fat Rave" group of artists elsewhere. NFR includes such talents as Arthur Adams, Joyce Chin, Amanda Conner, Michael Golden, Dave Johnson, Phil Noto, Tim Sale, Bruce Timm, Matt Wagner and J. H. Williams III. Due to the growing number of artists this year, Jim will be located at another booth with J. Scott Campbell and Lee Bermejo joining him too!

Booth #2042 Jim Lee, J. Scott Campbell, Lee Bermejo

Hope to see you all there!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

...a Commission a day, keeps those bills paid...


Hello again ya'lls. Like I mentioned on my last post, Comic-Con has almost arrived and like everyone else here, I've been getting my hustle on! Here are another few pieces I did for the show.

Spidey was for the very cool Simon from France and Cloak and Dagger I did for fun. I luv doing these commissions for fans because it gives me a chance to draw characters that I've never drawn before or might not get to draw professionally untill I actually get on that particular title...(the money's a nice motivation too;)

Anyhoo, if interested hit me up and all the proceeds go to my "S.H.E.D." (support high end designers) fund.

Thnx and hope u like.

Friday, July 11, 2008

You're a Star, girl !


Hey there everyone, Hope everybody is ready for Comic-Con. Everyone around here seems to be counting down the days to the big show. Anyhow this is a sketch I did, this is Stargirl from the "JSA". She reminds me of Captain America so I went with a classic Kirbyish pose.

I've had a couple questions about the technique I use on these toned sketches. All there is to it, is to find markers that will match the paper you're using and basically make the paper darker, for the shadows. For your hi-lights I just use a white colored pencil and maybe a white gel pen. I like to use these for the brightest hi-lights since the gel pens are really opaque.

All of your mid-tones should come from the paper itself. You can find the colored paper just about anywhere, but you may have to cut it down yourself, I can generally get about 4, 8.5' x 11' sheets from one full size sheet of the toned paper.

Anyhow, I hope this info was helpful to anyone who may have been curious.

See ya at the Con.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

DC Universe Online - First Look at the Concept Art!

DCUO Concept Art - First Look DCUO Concept Art


This video is just a visual taste of things to come for the DC Universe Online game! Many long hours have gone by researching the DC Universe, debating every nuance from door frames and structural footprints to iconic poses and great gameplay to make something we can all be proud of both as comic creators and as comic fans!

Jim Lee serves as the Executive Creative Director of this game and he's brought together many of the creative talents here at WildStorm including, Carlos D'Anda, JJ Kirby, Michael Lopez, Oliver Nome, Livio Ramondelli and Eddie Nuñez all dedicated to making this an action-packed experience for every comic and gamer fan to enjoy!

But enough of my rambling...just check out DC Universe Online at MySpace for updates, parties and more!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Let's redecorate!


Or "Hey, look what I found!"

Our office walls are being painted this week just in time for Comic-Con, but first we had to move everything three feet away from the walls for the painters to do their thing. And that means desks, mini-fridges, posters, comics, basically everything we've accumulated over the years that hasn't grown roots into the floor yet.

The walls should be getting their first coat of paint right now and tomorrow, we'll move everything back where they belong. Or somewhere close to it. In the meantime, here's a look at our little corner of WildStorm.

My office cleaning also turned up two cents, an old cookie still in it's wrapper and a t-shirt and shorts that have gone missing for more than a year now.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's almost that time again....


Hey ya'lls, how's it going? I'm sure everyone of you are counting the days till Comic-con like all of us here at WildStorm. It couldn't come any sooner and yet wish it was a little ways off. (Still have a ton of things to do! Commissions, sketchbooks, prints, t-shirts, coffee mugs, glamour shots...ahhhhhhhh)

Anyhoo....here is a commission of one of my favorite Wildstorm characters, "Jenny Sparks" for pick-up at the con. George who commissioned the piece got a "Jakita" from Planetary from me last year and was so pleased he just had to get another Nome original. Hope u like and see ya in a few weeks at Comic-con!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Savage Swords - Color!


The return of KirbWonder aka KirbyColors aka yo man 50 grand hollerin' atcha about the ill callabo tween my man and I Mister E. Nuñez. I love to jam with other artists and the chance to work with the Nuzer' provided itself. If ya didn't know, I also love to color so you best believe I had to show my behind on this one.

We'll have prints at Comic-Con for sale and the original is still up for grabs. I hope you nice people dig the harmonious styles laid down, we did! :)


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Savage Swords


Hello everyone, I have always wanted to do a jam piece and I finally got the opportunity to do so. Here is a piece that I collaberated with the one and only Mr. JJ Kirby.

At first, we were debating on what characters to fresh out and we decided to keep it old school, so we went with Conan and the She Devil herself, Red Sonja. At the same time, we wanted to approach them in a new way, so JJ came up with the idea of doing the characters in a sort of Body Bags-style alá Jason Pearson. I am pretty happy with the way this piece turned out, not to mention that JJ hooked it up on the inks.

For anyone interested, I'm also currently available to do commissions. To check out some of my other stuff, you can head over to Comic Art Fans and see what I have there (look for the Eduardo Nuñez portfolio) OR you can also head on over to Mia Cabrera and peep more samples of my work there!