Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Superman Breaking Chains


After Neal Adams

Thought I'd scan this in progress...the legs were too big and long in the previous rough so I shortened em. Shrunk arms and chest too.

Thought I was done but the bottom half of Superman looked too light...

Done! Look for a larger version of this in Absolute Superman: For Tomorrow coming out in 2009!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



Hello everyone, here's a commission I did over the weekend. I was asked to do an homage of Jim's Uncanny X-Men #268 cover. The crazy thing about doing this piece was that the layout was already there, yet trying to get it right was still a little tricky for me.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the turnout of this piece and it was really fun to do. I just hope the fan enjoys it as much as I did. :)

Peace out.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joel Hex


I'm a big fan of the Spaghetti Western...Fistfull of Dollars, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and Hang 'em High...there was always something so visceral about the characterization, the reluctant hero as it were- that made these people such over-the-top a kid,these characters were fascinating and scary to me at the same time...kind of unpredictable.

I have recently been enjoying the Jonah Hex stories Justin Grey, Jimmy Palmiotti,and Darwyn Cooke have been telling...visceral, exciting, and over the top. It reminds me of those Spaghetti Westerns, and how things aren't always so black and white, just as in life, people and situations can be unpredictable.


Friday, October 17, 2008



Hello everyone, hope all is well.

Here is an Enchantress commission that I did recently for a fan in New York. He just wanted something sexy of course and all he asked was that i try to fit in Thor's hammer in the piece somewhere.

Hope you like and have a great weekend!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Carlitos' Toy Fund!!!


Waddup Y'alls, howzit going?!? ... I'd did these two pieces two or three months ago... actually, the 'Ikarus' piece I started a while back, but had lost it, and found it recently under a pile of books, so I decided I might as well finish it and give it a bit of color.

The Ikaris piece I had actually started doing when "the Eternals" series was coming out.... anything that is remotely 'Kirbyesque' I am DOWN with... I just love the chunky aesthetic that all of this character designs had... for some damn reason, you just never get bored of drawing characters that he designed.... my theory always boils down to the BIG shapes that he would use on everything... there's nothing subtle about Kirby's design sense, and that always makes for a great 'starting point' when doing one's take of someone else's characters.

The 'Hulk vs. Spidey" was a 'change of pace' piece.... at the time, I was knee-deep in designing the "Batman: Arkham Asylum" game, and mentally, I just needed to draw something a little different to switch 'brain-gears'.... I was probably looking at the Michael Golden "Marvel Fanfare" issue when I did this! ....I also love drawing on the grey paper because it forces you to think more about what you are drawing, since you really do need to add brighter areas and highlights to make it work, if not, the piece just turns out too dark.... so yeah, this is a good way to test out how well you know 'surface anatomy' :)

...aaaand anyway, anybody interested in contributing to the "Carlos Toy Fund', these two li'l bastards are for sale if any of you kind Ladies and Gentlemen are interested! (^_^) peace Y'allz Carlitos¬¬¬

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

more e bay madness

entry Rich

Hey I just wanted to post a little note to let anyone who may be interested know I have a few more e bay auctions this week( 5 day auctions all ending Thursday afternoon/ night)

There's some really nice old school Wildstorm and Image art and a few things I did a year or so back as well (ALBION art with artist Shane Oakley and some Skyerunner work)

so what we've got is: 3 very nice Jeff Rebner Cybernary pages, Some Grifter series 2 art from penciler Michael Ryan, some really cool Carlos Barberi Gen 13 art, a Humberto Ramos Out There page, 2 great Shane Oakley ALBION pages, 2 very nice Skyerunner pages from Ale Garza and finally...a Search for Ray Palmer (issue number 1) pages from Angel Unzueta/

I started all the auctions with a $19.99 opening bid and NO there's a nice opportunity to get some cool original comic art, without completely depleting your bank account.


best of luck~!

ricH. (Richard Friend)


rich e bay

(all the individual scans on e bay are much larger)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Kara Zor-L


Hello everyone, this is a commission I did of Power Girl this time around. Anyhow, during the thought process, I was working on another pencil commission and my friend Edwin asked if I was using "graphite powder," he mentioned that it would probably save me some shading time.

Sounds good, I don't mind saving some time. He broke down the process to me in a couple minutes and I set out to pick some of this powder up. As it happens they only had charcoal powder. So, I picked it up along with a couple carbon pencils and drew this Power Girl commission.

Hope you like it!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Death Becomes Her...


Hello everyone, hope all is well in these crazy times. Here is a piece I did of Death, one of my favorite DC characters...(and a dream project of mine to do a mini series...hopefully someday. :)

I played around a little with her hair for composition and did this piece on an over-sized, heavy duty art board. It's done in ink wash and I just colored in her eyes with a prisma color pencil. It was done one night just for fun, I had the board laying around and just wanted to do a simple, uncomplicated piece.

Hope you like. :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Leap of Faith


Back when I was interning for a bit at Top Cow...I had met a security guard for our building by the name of Chaz Riggz. Chaz, as it turned out, was a huge comics fan and was going to school for Graphic Design at Long Beach State, he was also well aware of Top Cow and planned to apply when he finished school. We quickly became friends as our interests and our aspirations were very forward several years after Chaz and myself took the proverbial leap of faith into the crazy biz that is comics.

I'm currently a staff artist at WildStorm and Chaz is head of production and design at Top Cow. I had recently found out Chaz is engaged to be married...and it reminded me of how dreams and aspirations always require that one important ingredient...a leap of faith. So, Chaz, this piece is for you...and may it inspire those who have yet to take that 'leap.'