Thursday, March 27, 2008

I like a da juice, homie.


Issue #2 gotta cover by Jim Lee folks. Ya heard me. And on this one we get to see him fresh out Gramalkin and Luna. Very cool.

Thank you Jim for freshin' not one but two covers for the New Dynamix, my man. You are appreciated :)

Peace & peaches people

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eddie Nuñez


Please join us today in welcoming newcomer gelatomettista Eddie Nuñez to the ranks of WildStorm! He's been here for several weeks now but we always wait a bit before an official welcome just to make sure we haven't hired an axe murderer!

Eddie has been tearing it up already, working on the DCU online game and honing his skills as an artist to become the next new shiny thing, grande style. His work has a bold, powerful style combining the big, meaty shapes of manga with the mad energy found in well, frankly, graphitti art. It's fresh and it's got flow and his coloring and rendering skills have made quantum leaps in just the short time he has been here.

The craziest thing about this "overnight" success story is that I have known Eddie for many years now, seeing him once or twice a year, usually at the SDCC as he is a close buddy to fellow gelatomettista Carlos D'Anda but we always hung out just socially. He's a fairly quiet one (what, you thought the axe murderer line was a joke?!) so while we shared many a beer, we never talked art as far as I can remember...which thinking about it, maybe we did, and I just can't remember lol...damn tequila. It is the drink of his peeps and SDCC is a whirlwind of comics and confusion so forgive me. So I didn't even know he drew to be honest but his long hours spent at the table have made all the difference this year as his work has really crystallized into some consistently fun and dynamic art to behold.

Check out some of his "sketches" above and below or hit him up at MySpace or on deviantART. While he has become an integral part of the MMO team, I really expect him to leap out and dazzle the readers with his work in the coming years.

Friday, March 21, 2008

"Death Blows, Mistah Cray...Death Blows."


Hey, waddup Y'alls?!? how's it goin'? that the last issue of Deathblow has come out and the story is complete, I just wanted to give a BIG 'Thank You' to those of you who supported the series from the start, and took the crazeeee ride with Azzarello and I;


I gotta say, had you told me in my 'fanboy-tender-years' that I'd get the chance to draw Deathblow AND get to do it with Brian Azzarello, I would have told you you were smoking CRACK!!! BUT as often seems to happen, reality is stranger than fiction.

....then, if you told me I was gonna do Deathblow fighting "a$$-rocket-shooting-mutant-rats" while wielding "laser-shooting-rats", AND dukin' it out with a "Half-Dinosaur-half-man-half-robot" with weird fetishes... I mean, C'MON!!!

I can truly say that having done this Deathblow series for the past couple years has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional career, and I will truly miss Michael Cray, Jump, and Mr. Jiminy (damn you Brian, why'd you have to kill him?!? WHYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?) Mr. Azzarello, thank YOU for giving me such a damn crazy story to draw, I hope we can do it again soon...

..and well, to all of you who shelled out your hard earned cash to buy the issues (^_^)

thank you very much,

Carlos D'Anda

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WWLA '08 - Pics!


Thanks to everyone who came out for the show! Conventions are a great way to put names to faces and really hear what fans think, so it's great to have that one-on-one experience no matter how short it may be. Not to mention all the shopping!

And for everyone stuck at home, here's a quick look at the names and faces I ran into at the show. From top to bottom: JJ Kirby, Michael Lopez, Joel Gomez, Oliver Nome, Alex Sinclair, Ryan Benjamin, Alé Garza, Joe Madureira and Dustin Nguyen.

Next stop, New York!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wizard World LA 2008!


Wizard's first show of the year kicks off in Los Angeles this weekend and Joel Gomez, JJ Kirby, Michael Lopez and Oliver Nome will all be there to meet fans, sign comics and draw sketches!

Conventions are also a great way to promote upcoming work as all of these guys will be glad to tell you. Joel's hard at work on "The Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs" miniseries, JJ's adding the "New" to "The New Dynamix," Michael's first "Gen13" cover comes out this Wednesday and Oliver's also busy drawing "The New Dynamix" too.

Look for them in Artist's Alley, at tables 2280-2290, right next to All Star colorist Alex Sinclair.

See ya at the show!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Monday, March 03, 2008

First Love Rocket!


Back in the day, I wanted to come up with a speedster in a slick bodysuit. One of those frictionless ones that would be propelled by a rocket jetpack on her back. And as beautiful and sexy as she was, I also wanted her to be vulnerable, like the Charlie Brown of the super-hero set. She'd be the constant underdog with problems just like everybody else, but she always tries to overcome them.

She'd also be a radio dj by day, to be a part of the people and because I've always thought of them as invisible rock stars. You don't know what they look like, but you hear them everyday. They're familiar, but not recognizable.

So I wanted to convey all of that in this one scene. It's the first time I put her on paper too and right out of my sketchbook.

Just your friendly, neighborhood super-hero posing as a beautiful gargoyle by night.