Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone fun times, good cheer and a Happy New Year!

Visit The Bleed to see this image in full-color and we'll see you back here in 2010!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!


Hey ya'lls, this will probably be the last post of the year/decade...I did this 'homage' to my girl GaGa and if things work out right, I'll be giving it to her in LA in Jan! What a way to start off the new year;) Anyhoo, hope you all have a great holiday and happy new year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

March 13-14, 2010 - Emerald City ComiCon!


The first big convention of the year is Seattle's Emerald City ComiCon and some of us are heading up there to see the sights and enjoy the great coffee. Carlos D'Anda, Richard Friend (tentative), JJ Kirby, Oliver Nome, Eddie Nuñez, Livio Ramondelli and our friend David Williams will be set-up in Artist's Alley all weekend, doing sketches and meeting fans. It's just a few months, but I'm sure it'll sneak up on us in no time!

Seeya there!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Frightful Four


Here's a few recent drawings I felt like sharing:

I think Galvatron is personally one of the harder old-school Transformers to draw, given that his design is a big departure from the standard "boxes and squares" that most of the Transformers looked like at the time. He's also one of the few new characters introduced in the old animated movie that I actually like. I tried simplifying the business of his original design while still keeping him very familiar.

I really just wanted to play around with his bullish, kid-like nature here. So I intentionally had him fill most of the frame, as well as bulk up his limbs a bit.

Jango Fett
One of my favorite scenes in the Star Wars prequels is Jango Fett's rain-soaked mano-a-mano brawl with Obi-Wan Kenobi. So for this drawing I definitely remembered that scene and wanted to do something with rainy atmospherics.

This was done during some downtime at the recent (and awesome!) Long Beach Comic-Con that most of us at the studio attended. I had fun playing with Hobgoblin's expression here, and wanted to give him a suitably evil sneer.

Until next time!


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ash & Iron Man

[Guest blogger Cruddie Torian]

Here are some random artwork I had stacked in a corner. The first one is some head shots of Ash I used for a sample. Mainly I was trying to show a little range from realistic to a more comic book style and finally a little more animated.

The second piece is an Iron Man study I did. This one was for fun because I loved the movie and it is part of a larger piece.

Finally, my first Gen13 issue comes out today, so check out and let me know what you think. Here's a quick preview.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Hulk vs. Spidey


I can't remember when i did this one???? I think last year, but I'm not sure. I was going thru my files and it just popped up, so I thought I'd share.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hellboy + Wolverine + Paris burning =


Hey ya'lls, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It was nice having all those days off...not to relax but to catch up on commissions!

I've been working on this piece on and off for awhile now and finally finished this weekend, thnx for the patient fan in France, you know who you are.

I did have a lot of fun with this and it was a bit challenging...I've never 'really' tackled Wolverine or Hellboy before, wouldn't that make a great comic?

Anyhoo, hope u like and untill next time!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dr Mrs The Monarch


This is Dr Mrs The Monarch from The Venture Bros. on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. I'm not familiar with this character, but this sounds like a pretty fun series. I wish I had more time to give this more thought.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday!


In the spirit of the season, be one of the first ten fans to post your name below and I'll send you a short stack of WildStorm comics for free, including one comic signed by someone from the blog!

(Continental United States shipping only.)


1. mangualrs
2. John
3. Debasish
4. Jason
5. matt
6. Danny
7. Owen
8. bishart
9. Charles Valsechi III
10. Brian

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Tofurkey Day!

Hey ya'lls, hope all is well. I'm sure you've been building up an appetite for a new posting by me since it's been a little here's a double dose!

I've been really playing around/practicing my brush inking techniques these past few weeks. I primarily use pens and sometimes the quill and only really used the brush to fill in blacks..(such a waste of a fine tool!), mainly cause the brush intimidated me and I didn't think I had a steady enough hand. I'm officially hooked and love, love the rawness and all the line variations you can get.

After being at WildStorm for a couple of years, I've been exposed to and have falling for the work of such artists as John Paul Leon and Tommy Lee Edwards, artists whose styles are way different than mine but styles that I'm studying and trying to incorporate into my work because I admire the gestures, the line work, and the freedom of it all, not to mention being inspired by some of the best inkers in the industry that I work with under the same roof!

I drew two of my fave characters...which should be no suprise to anyone who frequents this blog and finished them using only a #2 Raphael brush (the brush of choice amongst my fellow WildStormers).

'Death' I took more time to be as clean and precise as I could and doing the background in a simple ink-wash. 'Joker' was more of an exercise in 'rawness' and line weights.

I'm still learning and honing my craft but I am very pleased with the outcome of the two pieces. Anyhoo, hope you like and untill next time!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Iron Gelatomettista Champ - Cruddie Torian!


Many thanks to those who took the time to vote, whether for Eddie or me. Eddie's Black Adam is amazing, great job!

It was a great pleasure to read the comments and encouraging words.

I'm the newest addition to the WildStorm crew. It's an honor to join these talented artist and creators. This is a dream come true.

Gen 13 issue 33 is my debut and if you like the drawing then I promise not to disappoint.

Happy Holidays!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Iron Gelatomettista - Eddie Nuñez vs. Cruddie Torian!

Our much-requested Iron Gelatomettista challenge returns as two boys enter and one man walks out in a one-hour drawing battle that tests both rookies to their limits!

Eddie Nuñez has been in the studio for over a year now and should be no stranger to fans here, but has yet to find someone up to the challenge until Cruddie ("Crew-Dee") Torian stopped by for a visit. Cruddie's another rising star at WildStorm and his first regular issue of Gen 13 starts next month with issue #33. What better way to welcome him, then just jumping right in!

But first, we need someone for them to draw, so post your choice of a single character for them to choose and they'll do what they do best tomorrow!!

UPDATE: The guys chose to draw Black Adam, so check back soon for the final results!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009



I grew up a big fan of Deadman. My dad used to have these 100 page DC Specials from back in the day and as a kid my favorite story to look at was the origin of Deadman drawn by Neal Adams.

I was really into how expressive the character looked in the story with all the dramatic lighting and rendering. He was drawn with a lot of high contrast in the story and with his crimson red, he jumped off the page.

Neal Adams = Awesome.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

[Scott Williams]

This is a cover from the Call of Duty comic, based on the game. Pencils by Jim Lee and inks by me.

I like doing gritty stuff like this.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Stop me if you've heard this one before...


Hey all, hope everyone had a great Halloween...haven't posted in a bit and wanted to share my latest doodle. My buddy, Jonathan (Ferryman) Wayshak drew a piece in someone's sketchbook and I was so inspired by his cross-hatchety approach that I just had to try my hand at it too (apologies my friend!)

Anyway, this is what I came up with.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Blast from the past!


3rd layout I did-only had 1 piece of paper which meant a lot of erasing! Big thanks to my Image bros for having me!

IMAGE UNITED--check it on Newsarama.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!


Here's my take on Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's "Edward Scissorhands."

"Alice in Wonderland" looks amazing too!

Monday, October 26, 2009



A piece of the devious Harley Quinn. I didn't know what or how much to do with her. I wanted to keep her cutesy attitude but I added the stuffed bat toy with the nails in the cape to show a little evilness :)

Hope you likes.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stan Lee/Jim Lee "Meet & Greet"


At the recent Long Beach Comic Con, I had the pleasure of sitting in with Stan Lee and Jim Lee in an exclusive signing where I even caught a few moments on video. It was an intimate few who had rare comics signed, heard cool comic stories and even posed for a pic or two with these comic icons.

I'll always remember hearing Stan doing the intros to those Saturday morning cartoons of my youth, so it was fun to hear him joking with fans while Jim was sketching away. This ranks as one of those really memorable con moments for me and it's made even more special by catching it all on camera!

For Facebook fans out there, you can also join the official Jim Lee Facebook page for the latest Facebook-to-Facebook updates!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Apple Comic Con


For everyone headed out to the Big Apple Comic Con this weekend, you can find Jim Lee at the following special events:

1:00pm-2:00pmSpecial Signing @ Wizard Booth

1:00pm-2:00pmVIP Signing @ Wizard Booth

2:00pm-3:15pmJim Lee Q&A @ Room A
The superstar artist and WildStorm founder takes fan questions on everything from his start at Marvel to the formation of Image and his current role at DC Comics drawing Frank Miller’s All Star Batman & Robin!

7:00pm-8:00pm100% Cotton Featuring Joe Quesada & Jim Lee @ Room A
Come see Wizard Editor Mike Cotton dish with Joe Q. and Jim Lee! Please be advised that we can pretty much guarantee that this panel will not be suitable for all ages!

Have fun!

Friday, October 09, 2009

"Welcome Home"


Finally can be revealed. A piece the WS office did for departing DC chief Paul Levitz.

You can also see some Legionaires Paul co-created. I penciled Sensor Girl & Colossal Boy & laid out the top half.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

LBCC '09


I did this Joker piece as a comission for the Long Beach Comic Con '09, which turned out to be a really fun show! I had the opportunity to meet some really cool people and hang out with some industry folks that I haven't seen in a while. There were quite a few big names at the show and everyone seemed to get a little time with their favorite comic book creators.

Eric Canete's new sketchbook [e]LEMENT : SHAPE and chatting very briefly with Eric himself was a big highlight for me; as well as catching up with two of my favorite artists, Dan Panosian and Dave Johnson- I look forward to a Drink-n-Draw in San Diego soon! For those who didn't get to attend LBCC '09, I highly recommend marking your calender for next year's convention, hope to see you there!


Monday, October 05, 2009

"Advice from the pros at Long Beach Comic Con"

Long Beach Comic Con 2009 - Pics


The first annual Long Beach Comic Con has already come and gone, but what a blast it was! Comic book legend, Stan Lee got the show started with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and afterwards, fans were rushing in to meet their favorite creators as soon as the doors opened.

The first fan in line for Jim was cute, little Mari and her brother Akino who've fast become experienced sketch hounds scoring one great sketch after another. Just check out the pieces below to see for yourself:

Flash and Catwoman by Jim Lee.

Catwoman by Carlos D'Anda.

Catwoman by JJ Kirby.

Catwoman by Eddie Nuñez.

Thor by Eddie Nuñez. A serious Superman fan showing off his tattoos based on Jim's epic Superman run and Michael Turner's Supergirl.

Joe (Soulfire) Benitez.

Ryan (Pancratia) Benjamin.

Carlos D'Anda.

Joel Gomez.

Sandra Hope.

JJ Kirby.

Saturday morning, Jim Lee and Stan Lee did an exclusive "Meet & Greet" with some lucky fans who they had a chance to hear some cool stories and literally be a fly in the room as Jim and Stan shared many laughs.

Jeph (Hulk) Loeb.

Eddie Nuñez.

Eddie Nuñez & Sandra Hope.

Dan (Drink & Draw) Panosian.

Livio Ramondelli.

Starscream by Livio Ramondelli.

The beautiful weather outside and the great location by the water made Long Beach feel like a mini-San Diego Comic-Con and the show floor was packed on Saturday with fans. Unfortunately, I completely missed seeing a number of creators, like "Bloom County" creator, Berkeley Breathed.

After the show, some of us headed down to a local restaurant for some great BBQ and a full stomach before the 2-hour drive back home to San Diego. I know I'm already looking forward to second helping next year!