Friday, December 11, 2009

Frightful Four


Here's a few recent drawings I felt like sharing:

I think Galvatron is personally one of the harder old-school Transformers to draw, given that his design is a big departure from the standard "boxes and squares" that most of the Transformers looked like at the time. He's also one of the few new characters introduced in the old animated movie that I actually like. I tried simplifying the business of his original design while still keeping him very familiar.

I really just wanted to play around with his bullish, kid-like nature here. So I intentionally had him fill most of the frame, as well as bulk up his limbs a bit.

Jango Fett
One of my favorite scenes in the Star Wars prequels is Jango Fett's rain-soaked mano-a-mano brawl with Obi-Wan Kenobi. So for this drawing I definitely remembered that scene and wanted to do something with rainy atmospherics.

This was done during some downtime at the recent (and awesome!) Long Beach Comic-Con that most of us at the studio attended. I had fun playing with Hobgoblin's expression here, and wanted to give him a suitably evil sneer.

Until next time!



Scoop de Doop said...

amazing stuff. the galvatron gave me a nerdgasm, and the grimlock drawing made me feel as if I were holding halle berry's left booty cheek in one hand, and tina fey's right booty cheek in the other....yeah.. what im tryong to say is Awesome work, mang!

Favian? said...

Pure Awesomeness the Grimlock drawing is amazing.

Livio Ramondelli said...

Scoop- Haha, thanks! And I appreciate the effort you put into that comment:)

Favian- Glad you liked it!

Unknown said...

Pfffiou. A-we-so-me.

Livio Ramondelli said...

Thanks, Ben!

Captliu said...

Starscream: Who disrupts my coronation?

Galvatron: Coronation? This is bad comedy.

Starscream: Megatron is that you????

Galvatron: Here's a hint.

Galvatron blast Starscream into oblivion.

Galvatron: Would anyone else like to feel his shoes?

Awesome version of Galvatron Livio. You going to color it.

Livio Ramondelli said...

Captliu- That's one of my favorite scenes in the OG movie. I like Starscream a lot, but seeing him finally get his ass handed to him was awesome.

And I might color it down the line! But if I did, I'd probably throw some kind of background in there and I'm trying to think up something..

Captliu said...

Galvatron: Would anyone else like to feel his shoes? Feel.

I should really proof read my comments.

The last line goes: Would anyone else attempt to fill his shoes?

Livio Ramondelli said...

Actually, and this is beyond nerdy, I've listened to that scene a million times and I know it's supposed to be "shoes" but it still sounds like "Shoons" to me. Which is not a word. Leonard Nimoy's voice is just badass though.

zxerokool said...

Hey dude these are UltrA AwesomE !!! really enjoyed looking at these works :) keep rocking !

Livio Ramondelli said...

Thanks for checking 'em out, Zxerokool!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous designs! I have never seen something as detailed as this. Definitely my friend Cialis was right when she told me about you.