Friday, June 29, 2007

Cover Girl


Hey y'all, Oliver here. At the end of the day yesterday, I did this Power Girl piece in the studio. This was my first crack at drawing her and I think I'm gonna use it for the cover of my new sketchbook.

It's simple, but I think it's an attention grabber...(well, I guess anytime anyone does a piece with this particular character, it's kinda hard not to notice her right? I wonder?) :)

Anyhoo, hope u like.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Peter Pan & The Clan

[The Mysterious Mr. Kirby]

This rendition of "Peter Pan & The Clan" was comissioned after a friend of mine saw my version of "Alice's Wonderful Land."

I love doing these fully-marker-rendered illustrations because they take me back to the days when I was younger and only had my Berol markers to get jiggy with. This image is pure markers (all me), but there is another version with the saucey special effects I couldn't do without the computer.

Nowadays, computers allow me to take my images into a whole 'nother dimension. Filters, gradients, glows and textures I couldn't acheieve before are now mine to party with.

I will always love and use my markers (like getting my hands dirty), but I do embrace the computer options (like using digging tools for my art garden.)

Remember you are the product and complete the thought whenever possible.

Holla back.

I drew this WHEN?!?


HEY, waddup y'alls, LOOOOONG time no see... I've been so damn busy lately, that any free time I have I just want to vegetate in front of the TV (sweet sweet TV) ...anyway, what was I talking about?

... oh yeah, this little piece here.... I honestly don't remember drawing this damn thing... I vaguely remember Laura Depuy asking me to do this piece for her boyfriend Randy (now Husband)... this is back when Laura was still at the studio, so it's been a good while.... amazingly enough, I don't hate it! (^_^) There are some good bits here and there, and I'm still happy with her face, BUT the inks are a bit too chunky for my taste.

I also got the VERY cool surprise to see that Laura had thrown some color on it with her damn 'magical color' powers! DAMN YOU AND YOUR AWESOME USE OF COLORS LAURA!!!! hahahah, what can I say, I'm a jeloous bastard!!! ....aight' back to my ten other jobs now!

take care y'alls!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Voodoo Mexicano

What's happenin' everyone? Ahh, Voodoo, one of my favorite characters to draw!

Awhile back, I was asked to start this jam commission and once I found out Jim was going to add a character next to mine, I knew I had better step it up and make her a little sexier then originally planned.

Also, thanks again to everyone who responded to my previous post and a special thanks to those who took me up on the commissions! It's appreciated, thanks a lot!!

Anyhow, hope everyone digs the Voodoo drawing.

See you next time, Mike.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No pictures please


Today, we had a going-away lunch for one of our colorists, Johnny Rench, at a restuarant here in sunny La Jolla. The weather was perfect, the food was great and there were plenty of jokes to go around the table. We also ordered our lunch in advance, so our food was hot and ready as soon as we sat down. Thanks again Annalee!

Johnny's been at WildStorm for a couple years now and is currently coloring upcoming WildStorm favorites, The Highwaymen and The Programme. But unfortunately, you can't see him in this photo because someone's protecting him from the paparazzi. Ha, ha. Anyway, Johnny's moving onto greener pastures (there's a coloring joke in there somewhere), so we all wish him the best!

Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta get Carlos a refill on that iced tea!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kirby's Thing

[Da Bizzare JJ Kirby]

Before the Fantastic Four movie was ever announced, I was inspired by a dream I had to do a movie-style poster of the Thing...something different. So instead of drawing a full-figure action shot, I decided to bring the camera real close to his eye and get intimate with the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing.

I was really happy with the way it turned out too, so hope you all enjoy it!

Thursday, June 07, 2007



When Oliver first came to WildStorm, he was inspired by the new relaunch and drew this reimagined Gen13 piece. J. Scott Campbell really set the look and tone for the book when it first started, so Oliver wanted to put his own stamp on them too.

Jim also gave Nome a few pointers with his inks and added some more definition, mainly on Burnout's face. Just one of the perks of sharing an office at WildStorm!

This piece, and five others by Oliver, are all up on eBay too, including this roughneck Midnighter piece:

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

To me, my Legion!


One thing fans always ask me at a convention is, "How do I get a Jim Lee sketch?" And the only thing I'd suggest is patience. I remember asking him about it once myself, before I started working at WildStorm, and he said whoever was persistent enough would eventually get a sketch. Simple, right?

You may get lucky and land one on your first try, but if not, there's always the next show. Or the one after that, but he's got a great memory for faces, so keep trying. And the best part is he doesn't charge anything, so they're free! You just have to be patient.

With Saturn Girl here, Jim went retro using her classic outfit and turned out another great piece from the Planet Comicon show. Hopefully, he'll get to draw her and the rest of The Legion of Super-Heroes someday too.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Uncanny X-Babies #268


An obvious homage to Jim's Uncanny X-Men #268 cover, one fan asked JJ to redo the characters as X-Babies at the recent Planet Comicon show.

JJ drew it from his memory, so the pose is a little off, but it's still cool to see another fun homage to one of Jim's most popular covers.

Arthur Suydam and Ed McGuiness have also homaged the cover recently too:

Monday, June 04, 2007

Lopez - Supergirls


Howdy folks, here is my sexy Supergirls commision. Hope everyone digs it. My favorite thing about the pin-up are the villains in the background. Seems to me, the villains are always the funnest characters to draw. Not that I don't have any fun drawing girls too!

Also, if anyone's interested, I'll be taking commisions at Anyhow, that's all for now.

See you next time!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Planet Super-Con!


Con season's off and rolling now with these two sketches from Planet Comicon. The first, is a shot of the final Havok piece after I tweaked it a bit in the computer. And the second, is one of JJ's sketches from the show of Poison Ivy. JJ's been making his way back into comics lately, so fans of his should keep an eye out for him!

I also wanted to thank Chris, Jessie, Kyle and Matt out in Kansas too, who were all great hosts and did everything they could to make it a fun visit! THANKS!

Btw, if Aaron Norton's reading this, thanks for stopping by to say, "Hi!" It's always cool to meet fans from the blog!

Next stop, Super-Con!

Oh, and hope everyone likes the new banner up now. I'll be changing it weekly this month to spotlight all the super-talented artists here!

And yes, that includes Michael Lopez with his sexy Supergirl commission. We'll finally post it next week. Let me add that it's not just one Supergirl or two or even three, but FOUR sexy Supergirls!