Monday, October 05, 2009

Long Beach Comic Con 2009 - Pics


The first annual Long Beach Comic Con has already come and gone, but what a blast it was! Comic book legend, Stan Lee got the show started with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and afterwards, fans were rushing in to meet their favorite creators as soon as the doors opened.

The first fan in line for Jim was cute, little Mari and her brother Akino who've fast become experienced sketch hounds scoring one great sketch after another. Just check out the pieces below to see for yourself:

Flash and Catwoman by Jim Lee.

Catwoman by Carlos D'Anda.

Catwoman by JJ Kirby.

Catwoman by Eddie Nuñez.

Thor by Eddie Nuñez. A serious Superman fan showing off his tattoos based on Jim's epic Superman run and Michael Turner's Supergirl.

Joe (Soulfire) Benitez.

Ryan (Pancratia) Benjamin.

Carlos D'Anda.

Joel Gomez.

Sandra Hope.

JJ Kirby.

Saturday morning, Jim Lee and Stan Lee did an exclusive "Meet & Greet" with some lucky fans who they had a chance to hear some cool stories and literally be a fly in the room as Jim and Stan shared many laughs.

Jeph (Hulk) Loeb.

Eddie Nuñez.

Eddie Nuñez & Sandra Hope.

Dan (Drink & Draw) Panosian.

Livio Ramondelli.

Starscream by Livio Ramondelli.

The beautiful weather outside and the great location by the water made Long Beach feel like a mini-San Diego Comic-Con and the show floor was packed on Saturday with fans. Unfortunately, I completely missed seeing a number of creators, like "Bloom County" creator, Berkeley Breathed.

After the show, some of us headed down to a local restaurant for some great BBQ and a full stomach before the 2-hour drive back home to San Diego. I know I'm already looking forward to second helping next year!


MARY said...

OOOOOhh I´d love go to see you ^^
but I can´t go.

Unknown said...

Looked like alotta fun man, wish I coulda been there.
Be easy!

danielpicciotto said...

looks like you guys had fun..i was in long beach 3 years comic con tho :(

glad i atleast got to meet jj!


Yano said...

Awesome pictures...looks like a it was a lot of fun. Those sketches of Catwoman are pretty sweet!

Also, that's a pretty nice lens you've got on that camera!