Friday, October 06, 2006

Teeny Bit of Fun...IV

Teeny Bit of Fun...IV Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista.
In the end, I went with the starfield but didn't overdo the star splatter and kept the action lines to a minimum. The final image is roughly 22"x 17" and took a bit longer than I thought it would--the cartoony, simplified style relies so much on line control and placement that it takes longer than one would imagine! Hopefully she will get a kick out of being placed in the ranks of the Titans! Final Image


j13 said...

It's cool to see you hit up the simplified style a bit. The clean shapes and forms lend themselves to a flowing and energetic scene. I can almost hear poor Robin in the background yelling, "Hey, what about me?"

That'll be a really nice gift for sure.
Tell her Happy Birthday from all of your fans.

raph said...

that's a really great gift and i'm sure you're daughter will love it. i hope you and your family have a great time celebrating her birthday!

Heidi MacDonald said...

Aw, that's cute.