Friday, October 13, 2006

Benjamin - Wetworks


WORLDSTORM #1 hit stores last Wednesday and was filled with previews of STORMWATCH: PHD and TRANQUILITY, along with some sweet pin-ups of all the new WildStorm titles, including this Wetworks piece by Ryan Benjamin and Saleem Crawford.

They've worked together on PHANTOM GUARD, STAR WARS and hopefully, more coming out soon!


Neo said...

Can anyone tell me what "wetworks" is? Sounds like an adult movie :-)

nOva said...

is wetworks coming back? that was the best image had, along with maxx and spawn.

Inkblotz said...

Yea Wetworks is back. Issue 1 came out a couple of weeks ago. You should go check it out it looks great.



Clint Eastwood would knock you silly for saying that. The term Wetworks was used in his movie Eiger Sanctum.

Clint Eastwood as Dr. Jonathan Hemlock ... "The odds are stacking up against me. Assassins who stay too long wind up assassinated and that ain't in my game plan!"

Hemlock ... "Sorry, you're gonna have to get somebody else to do your wet work."
Thayer David as Dragon ... "Please that is a distasteful phrase."
Hemlock ... "Call it what you want - wet work, termination, sanction. It all adds up to the same thing, killing."