Tuesday, October 10, 2006

PREVIEW - WildCats: WorldStorm #1


UPDATE: Sinclair's original color files posted.

Psst...Have you seen the seven page preview of WildCats yet?

It's up on Newsarama right now and it's just a teaser for what's in stores next week!

That's right! One more week to go and the WildCats are back in covert action with Grant Morrison joining Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair and the rest of the wild crew for a trip 'round the world!


Aaron said...

Guys, that flouro style of colouring hurts my eyes. It's so gaudy and cheap looking.

I dont know who the colourist is, but I noticed that all of DC's covers were coloured in a similar style a few months ago. Thankfully they seem to have returned to looking good now.

syrtheone said...

The glory days are back!!!!!! yeeeeeiiihaaaaaoooo....

faizalmukhtar said...

i've been waiting for this since 'HUSH'.

You're the man,Jim!
and Morrison too.

Inkblotz said...

I can't wait!!!!!!


Sinc' said...

please don't judge the coloring by the crappy JPEGs Newsarama posted. Don't know how they got changed into "neon Skittles," but that is nowhere near what I did! Grab the book and see it the way it was meant to.


Ryan Burton said...

I think the book looks sexy as hell, guys. I know it'll do well.


and other drawn stuff said...

UGH! So Newsarama did mess with the colors. I thought my eyes had a major malfunction.
I dunno what they did.
Alex S. does such a great job using color temperature. He should give classes or something.
It would have been funny if Jim used the same angle and pose from wildcats #1 where EMP is lying in an alley to open up the "Senior Cash" sequence. But I think I would have been the only one who liked that.

I wonder in what direction the book will go.

Inkblotz said...


Man Alex you were right about how bad Newsarama screwed up the colors. This looks great man I especially like the last page.


Peter said...

I was wondering what the deal was with the colors. I knew it looked over saturated but that seems to happen allot on newsrama.

Nick Thomson said...

Definately looking forward to this book, but not sure if im feeling the new look to Helspont, i prefer his old costume, but he change is inevitible. Im looking forward to seeing zealot & warblade tho!