Monday, October 16, 2006

WildCats #1 - Desktop


Have you checked out all of DC's desktops patterns lately?

That's where I found this image and I've also got the Gene Ha Authority piece on my computer right now. Sweet stuff. And they've got a lot of different ones from WildStorm, Vertigo and DC too.

Oh, and the McFarlane cover's a 1/10 variant. Plus, there's another pencil variant of Jim's cover limited to 1/50 copies too.

Just two more days to WildCats #1...


DarkJawa said...

Todd still draws stuff? Cool.

That DC desktop archive has some neat pics, but they could stand to break it up into a couple of pages.

SteveW said...

Thanks for the link , I could use some new picture on my screen and now I have plenty !!

Marvin Durán said...

How did Jim get McFarlane to draw again?? that must be the greatest trick of all.

But seriously, JIM: how did you get McFarlane to draw again?

Kateness said...

Whoa, and there's color sketches of half the team's new look -- wow, I didn't realize they were going to look that different (Maul looks *scary* a good way)!

Johnny said...

Every Image founder will have variant cover? I know also about Erik Larsen will done for issue 2, am I right?

and other drawn stuff said...

who colored that?
this looks like it was drawn on a small format.

i like it

Gelatomettista said...

Yup, all the image founders are doing WildCats variants.

And IIRC, Brian Haberlin colored McFarlane's cover.