Tuesday, October 17, 2006

WildCats #1 - WorldStorm Wednesday


I thought this would be a fun page to see in black and white because of all the different textures going on, plus all the rain coming down too.

Nowadays, Scott uses a brush to ink most of his pages and you can really see it in his work here. If you pull out one of the early WildC.A.T.s issues from 1992, the difference in his style is very noticeable, since he mainly used a pen back then.

Another interesting thing here, is the way Jim spotted his blacks to frame Cole Cash and the kid in the foreground while still keeping a nice depth of field to the buildings behind them.

Oh, and check out Grant Morrison's original pitch to the series too. He talks about the concept of "adult superheroes" vs "adolescent power fantasies" and gives his take on all the main characters for his run.

Okay, one more day to WildCats #1 in stores!


Onil said...

sounds promising. and i like that grant is sticking with what's already come before him. i think it's sometimes unfair to negate the work or characters established under the care of another writer. well, keep the good stuff at least. retcon the crap away.

oh, and let's see savant. i don't care who's daughter/sister she is.

Peter said...

great read and i am excited for issue two. Cant wait to see how this team reforms.

and other drawn stuff said...

just a few more hours till my comic book store gets it=)

spotting blacks is in my opinion one of the hardest part in the drawing process. i have seen so many drawings where it's done wrong (and some of them are mine).
but this one really delivers the goods and is totally different from jim lee's work in the early 90s.
it's a little more frazettaish, more moody and waaay more detailed. and i really appreciate that.

i love how the rain looks and the textures of the rubble and trash and especially the houses in the background.

but will wildcats be collected in paperbacks as well?

nohoohboy said...

Loved the direction this is going. Cool seeing all the old Wild C.A.T.S under Jim's pencils. Beautiful stuff.

MAQ911 said...

Did anyone else notice that Grifter has a Marine Corps tattoo on his arm? I thought Cole Cash was in the army? Can anyone confirm this? Sorry to be such a fanboy...but it is really nagging at me...

Kateness said...

The way Morrison states they're "returning" has me confused now...is this a complete restart like I'd originally thought, or *is* it actually a continuation within the same continuity...?

Gelatomettista said...

"but will wildcats be collected in paperbacks as well?"

If you mean the original series from '92, then yes, Jim's early run will be collected as an ABSOLUTE WILDCATS edition sometime next year.


and other drawn stuff said...

thanks for the info eddy.
but i was also asking for the recent stuff.
paperbacks are very popular nowadays (i prefer them too).