Sunday, October 15, 2006


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As I was working today I got a strange sense of Deja Vu.....and the not the strip club kind.


Working on Whilce reminds me a little of when I was first inking Chris Bachalo on Steampunk. I don't know if it's the rainy weather were having in San Diego(which is how it was when I was inking the preview book 'Catechism' for Steampunk) or just the feeling of working on incredibly complex art and doing it at a balls out speed. There's something rewarding in tackling something like this and I think the feeling of having a lot of work finished that no one else has seen....yet....and then of course...wondering what people will think of it when it comes out. It's a fun time, starting a project for a creative team.

Image attached is Chris Bachalo and myself....The character is Mambutu X from cover 9 of Steampunk. The signature 'Chrisendo'.....always confused people. He's 'Chris'...I am Fri"end".....and the "O" was from Bachal"O".

I always thought of Chris as sort of a magician of comic art, or like a snake oil salesman in some rickety wagon with his name scrawled on the Harry Houdini or something....."the Great Chrisendo"...hahaha

it worked for me.(Chris too...)




Rayten said...

I'm still waiting for the next issue of Steampunk. I know it was cancelled, but I really want it to go on. I want to know what happens after the last published issue.

Mario Alba said...

I loved Stempunk, and I think I already commended you on your work there. And I can see how Portacio's and Bachalo's ultradetailed artwork might remind you of one another. Awesome artists both. But hey, your inks are nothing short of impressive!

NB2 said...

I was really impressed and captivated by Steampunk, Rich. There was so much *work* in that book it was ridiculous. Me and a few friends had jokes about how you guys must be locked in a room, having a few morsels fed to you only after you turned in several pages of heavily detailed work. Both of you guys really pushed the envelope with that one. Engaging writing as well.


RichardFriend said...

hey cool. I have told Chris that when ever he wants to do the last 13 issues...I am there. He's interested we just need to time it right.

Someday it might happen if the stars line up right.

He's got the's really cool and the next 2 arcs were so original and I can only imagine how great he'd draw it...hell he could even color it himself now.....because he's getting REALLY good at computer coloring.


and other drawn stuff said...

ohh rich you little.....
for a fast on this looks amazing.
i like how you suggest lens flare with that white spots. and the different textures.
like the roughness of the lines on the character's head.
was this your idea or was it drawn rougher?
it must be hard to switch from one artist to another.

do you think chris would have the time to color the book when he's drawing it?