Monday, March 20, 2006

Wiz world LA, and a new sketchbook


Wanted to pop in real quick and say I had a blast this past weekend! From getting to hang out with all the awesome people I know, to seeing all the talented artists that came out for our studio talent search, Wiz world LA was a ton of fun!

As always you guys, the fans, made the weekend very worthwhile. Coming out and showing your support, really makes all the long hours of hard work well worth it! I also wanted to announce my latest sketchbook ( due out by San Diego Con ), Alé Garza. Beat Samples. It'll be me flying solo, but I'm hoping to get a lot of images that are yet to be seen, and really give you guys something cool to look at.

I know I haven't been around much, it seems at times that there's always something to get done. We're all very excited about the release of Skye Runner over here, and we have some great announcements, which will hopefully make next month's release a little more special!

So till next time, all you crazy kids take care of yourself, peace!



nohoohboy said...

Thanks for the sketch Ale! I will most definitely be checkin out your future work. Cool beans!

Tom Hodges said...


It was nice meeting you and your lovely wife this past weekend (was with Mark Brooks, his wife Lisa and Cat Saturday night in the Figueroa Bar)


Drew said...

Heya Garza, nice seeing you again, glad to hear that sketchbook'll be out by SDCC. Hehe, that bar was totally nuts, glad I went down to see it all unfold.


FFgabriel said...

any chance i can get that sketbook on the mail.