Friday, March 24, 2006

Inking Crisis #6


The first thing I do when I get a penciled page is take a few minutes and look at everything on it. Before I put a dot of ink on the page, I have to be sure that I know everything that's happening. What's going on with the figure, the foreground, the middle ground and the background?

What is everything made of? What's flowing across his boots? Is it dust? Light? Smoke? Energy from the ground? How do I ink the busy background and foreground to support the figure, rather than drowning it out?

What line weights do I want to use on Wonder Woman's head piece and the Bat-thingie to catch the viewer's eyes without making these objects obnoxiously bold?

These are just a few of the things that must be considered to make sure everything works together once it's all inked.

By the way, the piece is already done, but I just wanted to spread out the posts over the day.



Sagar said...

so what stroke techniques do you use to make dust look like dust, light look like light, smoke look like smoke.. etc.....

antonio said...

Ohhhhh My God Sandra Hope is here!!

Wow I can`t wait for this lesson on how you attack inks!!!


Brett said...

YAY, SANDRA! Thank you so much for posting an inking article. Any chance you can share the hi rez pencils with us?


Elayne said...

This is a lot of fun to read, Sandra, thanks! Not like I don't get enough of this stuff at home :) , but another perspective is always cool!

Vince said...

One of the the interesting and useful post for a long time thank you Sandra, it helped me a lot!

missleman said...

This is totally what I think we've been wanting to see.

Sam Out-

Merbitt said...

Sandra: I love you and I love your work. I know you by a photo in the Wizard Wildstorm Special and every time I search your sign in my comic books.

Thanks for this "How to.."