Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday Warmups

Monday Warmups Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

Been working on so many different projects recently that I decided to spend 30 mins to an hour a day drawing random characters for fun to warm up for the day. Even when I miss a day of drawing while flying or traveling or being in meetings, I often find myself out of shape so to speak drawing wise.

Nothing more frustrating than not being able to throw down the line you want, the line you see in your mind's eye. This is a quick sketch of Supergirl. I wanted more of an awkward, almost high fashion model look for her face complete with big ears, bony nose and overbite but she lost a bit of the innocence I had in the original quick pencils when I inked it.



Anonymous said...

Fantastic.... I love that starry background, especially the meteors (or whatever they are). How did you do that?

mic? said...

Still gorgeous, though, Jim. :] I've been wonderin' how you'd interpret the new Kara. Thanks!

I've also alotted myself one quick and dirty drawin' a day of random characters just to get a bit more familiar w/ 'em. Last few were Mr. Terrific, the new Blue Beetle, and the new Firestorm redesign.


Line Medic said...

Feel free to post those 30 min. sketches daily. Seeing a new Jim sketch(a Jibber) on the post just gives a day a little extra dazzle. THANKS.

Tom Hodges said...


THIS is my biggest dilemia right now. I have a Daily webstrip, a Graphic Novel I'm penciling and inking, Character sheets for a "how to" book and sketch cards for a Major Movie Franchise on my plate and I would KILL to take an hour of my day to draw a random character... because when i do, I feel guilty about it. I feel like that hour is one hour that could go towards the other stuff to get done so I CAN draw for me.

That Supergirl is Beautiful... I'd LOVE to see your take on a Star Wars Character.


Jon Tsuei said...

Awesome pic. I really like the wavey hair you drew her with.

Gelatomettista said...


I never said I drew these guilt free = fact, I am sure editors who I owe work to are checking these sites out wondering what am I doing!


mic? said...

LOL! But they're "warm-up" sketches. Those should be okay, right? Wouldn't wanna pull a muscle when you do the work you owe, would ya?

You are Superman. Would love to have that super-power of sleepin' @ will.


MR FURIOUS said...

we're glad you posts these up, guilt-free or not! ;-)

alexander - big fan

Oscar said...

I was pretty excited yesterday to ready this post. I felt just that much better to know that even people like the renown Jim Lee still take the time to practice daily and still struggle with something that I do ... "Nothing more frustrating than not being able to throw down the line you want, the line you see in your mind's eye." ... so very true. At times, I have forced myself to finish a whole piece and then re-do it, just because I know it is not exactly what I was seeing in my mind.

Great piece too, by the way.

Marvin Durán said...

Jim, this is a great looking piece. I was wondering, what do you mean by "he lost a bit of the innocence..." hard to look innocent with those clothes on, don't you think?

- marvin duran

Brooklyn13looded said...

Jim...You just gotta draw YODA! Im sure I'm not the only one who has been dying to see you tackle the 800 year old jedi master. Yes, I know you love Star Trek, but Star Trek doesn't have anyone like YODA! Fufil my dreams, and sketch the little guy, pllllease!


Murdoc said...

amazin once again. great job.