Thursday, March 30, 2006

Color Me Infinite - Step Three: FX-A


To establish some atmospheric perspective (aka depth), I use a gradient that covers everything behind Supes. I also color hold Wonder Woman's lasso and the energy on it. All the glows are added here as well.

Can't stress how important it is to be clean and precise with all your FX!!



Anonymous said...

What does "color hold" mean?

Sinc' said...

That's the term we use when we colorize the inks--so instead of the lasso outline being black, it's orange. Helps pull off special effects.


656er said...

dude, how many layers did you use to color this piece??? also, when you added the gradient to the background what layer mode did you set it in so it wouldn't cover what was behind supes.


your photoshop skills are very impressive! nice job!