Monday, March 27, 2006

Weapons of choice


My standard tools consist of:

-FW Acrylic Artists Ink for my whites (applied with quill or brush)
-Liquitex Acrylic White for stars (with an old toothbrush)
-Hunt 102 quill
-Rapidograph Ultradraw ink
-Raphael brush sizes 2-4

These work for me, but every inker should experiment and find what works best for him/herself.

Thank you all for the support and encouragement. Now I must get back to my deadlines.



Tom Hodges said...

Thank you for your post. Being mainly a penciler and not having an inker to work on my stuff and doing it myself, I like knowing what you guys use.

When I ink my own pencils, I dislike using quills. I use a nice set of Rapidograph pens (the refilable kind) Are there any artists using those now to ink their stuff?

Brett said...


I personally like to use Liquid frisket for stars. Once the line art is down and you're ready to go in a do BWS (not Barry Windsor-Smith), just splatter in the LF and once you brush over it with a layer of black you can just use a rubber cement eraser and rub the LF off the page. I think it's faster that have to make of an area with tape and an exacto knife.

Love your work on these IC covers.


mic? said...

Thanks for takin' the time-out to fill us in, Sandra! Best o' luck w/ the deadlines.


Samuel Ellis said...

Sandra thanks for the follow up post, good luck with your deadlines. Thanks again, for gracing us with your inking prowess.

Sam Out-

wilson said...

Sandra you're the girrrrrrrrrl...
Thanks to share your work process with us GOOOOOOOOOOd LUUUUUUUCK with the deadlines! I hope see you in the studio videos again!!! ; )

regards from brazil! some day you might visit my country we have gorgeous beach here!!!!


foti said...

Great Sandra! Thanks for your time and good luck for all.

NY Comedy Bling said...

thanks S

i dig you inking on JL.

miracle.eli said...

excellent Sandra! Thank you!!

Yano said...

For some reason it makes me so happy to see a toothbrush in your arsenal...

Thanks for sharing!