Thursday, March 30, 2006

Color Me Infinite


Unlike the hardened, tyrant, Sandra Hope, I like to think of the materials I use as tools :) I do about 99% of coloring on the computer now. I use Adobe Photoshop almost exclusively for coloring, although I have been known to use Corel Painter every now and then to mix it up. I am a Mac freak so I will always recommend a Mac for doing graphics. There WAS a day when Photoshop was not too PC friendly, but those days are long gone.

Here's a pic of my desk and all the tools I use:

1) My Mac. I work on a DuoCore 2.3 G5 with 1.5 gigs of Ram (about a gig of that is dedicated to Photoshop). Just had to buy this puppy to work on the 6-page spread that is appearing in the next issue of All Star BnR.
2) Monitor. Looove the flat-panel! This is a 22" Cinema display.
3) Wacom tablet. I work on a 6"x8" Intuous 3 tablet. I recommend a tablet to anyone trying to do graphics on the computer--worth every penny!
4) Nostromo n52 by Belkin. It's a programmable keypad that was developed mostly for gamers, but I use it for coloring...mostly ;) This one is optional, but my rendering speed has increased since I bought it.
5) External hard drive. I keep double copies of everything I work on 'cause you never know when you're machine's gonna up and croak (knocking on wood). This one's a Lacie 250 Gig-er.
6) iSight. Think I've used this thing twice for video chats. I use it for the microphone/audio chats.
7) DVD collection. My best pal during those long nights when all that's on TV is infomercials I have already memorized and I am in-between Netflix deliveries. Currently viewing them in Alphabetical order (started the B's last night) Geek check...I win!
8) Desk. Best purchase ever. It's an Anthro Console unit. This company makes the best desks IMHO. They are customizable and expandable. Now all I need to figure out is how to fit it in the grave with me.


PS-No, drugs on desk are not speed or anything like that. Simply a pain reliever for a recent soccer injury.


Inkblotz said...

Really cool stuff Sinc'

Any chance of you haveing a few in progress shots of you coloring the IC 6 cover ya got on the screen there?


Kalenguppy said...

I 2nd the Wacom. Eventhough I'm just basicly using it for sketching out ideas and haven't had time to use it in programs like Illustrator or produce finished works, it's been well worth the money just for the speed itself.
When I'm plotting or just doing rough sketches it gives you an unlimited number of options you wish your sketchbook had.

Justin said...

Great write up on your work space,

I'm really interested about your desk, could you talk more about it, does anyone else you know use these desks? what do they think of them?

Ron Domingue said...

Nice set Alex. I'm an Apple nut as well I love to see suff like this.

Ron Domingue

Sinc' said...


I found out about them through a Macworld magazine and always wanted to buy one. I've had this one for almost 2 years now and can't say enough about it. The design is incredible. Putting it together was a breeze and it has so many customizable options that I would bet there's a configuration for everyone out there. I loved it so much, last January I bought a samller one for my kids so they could put their computer on and do their homework on. You can findout more about them if you click the link on the write-up. Once there, click on prduct families. Mine's under fit systems-console unit.


Samuel Ellis said...

Nice set up.

Kateness said...

PS-No, drugs on desk are not speed or anything like that. Simply a pain reliever for a recent soccer injury.

A likely story.

Yay for all the step-by-step goodness!

Justin said...

cool thanks for answering my question, i'm gonna look into getting one for myself

Kevin said...

That is a very nice setup, puts my little space to shame, but has also opened up a few ideas.