Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So you wanna work in comics?...


With Wizard World LA just around the corner, the promise of a new studiomate arises. As most of you know, we will be conducting the Wildstorm talent search at two of this year's Wizard World shows. I can't tell you what a great oppurtunity this is for all you aspiring artists out there. The ability to say that you've worked as a studio artist here is a title few artists can boast. We've had some of comicdom's best talents come through here.


A few tips from a guy who started here, currently works here, and will also be one of the judges deciding who wins. :)

First off, bring only your best. It takes about a single page sometimes to be able to tell if someone's got it. I've reviewed many a portfolio, where there are just tons and tons of stuff from the artist's past ten years of drawing. Honestly, usually, all you need are three to four sequential pages of art. To be safe, try to include characters that are recognizable. Luckily for all of you entering, you have a script to work from, yay!

Next, be open to criticism. Even if you don't win this show. Take what you hear, go home, and apply it to your art. The best thing I did was take the pointers I got from my first show, took it home, and practiced everything I was told. By my next show I was more prepared, and soon thereafter started getting job offers. :) Especially be open to criticism, because if you just so happen to win, we here at the studio are oftentimes the most critical with each other. So you can just look at your three month prize as a comic art boot camp, lol!

Lastly, enjoy what you do! Get into comics, because you love comics! You have to be willing to eat, breath, and sleep comics! Make all the art you do a treat for yourself. The more you enjoy the process, oftentimes, the more people will respond to it!

Just a few quick tips.

We all our very excited at the idea of a new artist coming into the fold. It's no doubt, we definitely want to find comic's next star artist! It could be you!



MadPowerBomber said...

Huh. I remember the first WildStorm Talent Search thinger that appeared in the back of WildC.A.T.s # 2. I was like fifteen or sixteen and I remember so desperately wanting to submit some writing stuff, but I got cold feet. Plus I was still in high school.

This kinda stuff always makes me smile though. I have no idea why.

Tom Hodges said...


Where can I find this script? I may not have time to put it together for WWLA (I'll be in Artist Alley myself), but is the next Show for the Search Philly? I'll be there in AA also.


Fochod said...


I don't know if Ale is a morning person, so I'll give you some info.
The talent search was announced in January. http://tinyurl.com/evqmb

I believe everything you need to know is in that post.

Stephane Lemieux said...

I'd love to participate, even though I'm clearly not ready, I have much work to do on my art before I submit anything.

That, and I'm from Montreal, so this quite a trip to take for a shot in the dark, so I'll wait a few years, my turn will come.

BringerOfStorms said...

Thanks for the great words of encouragment and advice! Very inspiring.

Electric Serge said...

hey I can't make it out there. I still want to write comics supposing you can do a blog about online submissions?

Apocalypse said...

Are you guys going to do this next year at the New York Comic-Con 07? I hope so because their is alot of talent here!

John Learned said...

hey ale/ws peoples

any idea when the sample script will be up for the philly show? the rules tells me that there's going to be a seperate script...

you cats going to coachella this year?

Ale Dangerous said...

will not be at coachella sadly.

and i believe the script is the same for both shows. :)


monsanto said...
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monsanto said...

Although I live in the Philippines, i still did that tryout script. I still need a lot of practice anyways :)




RichardFriend said...

WoW~! man you did a very nice job. I'll make sure everyone checks out your drawings.

I think they are very nice...it's a great blend of styles and your figures seems loose and confident.

Great work Monsanto.....

people interested in the contest should check out his work. it's rare to see art that well done for a talent search or portfolio review....I've done them and trust me it's a real mixed bag.

out of curiosity.....how long have you been working on your stuff?


Tom Hodges said...

monsanto, you removed the images, I would have liked checking them out.

I hope I can get a sample going by Philly, I should be done this GN for Platinum by late April and the current Webstrip I'm doing to Hyperspace should be done by then also. I'd love to give it a crack.

monsanto said...


Thank you for the kind words regarding my try-out pieces. I’ve always been a fan and a student of the comic arts. Been working as comic artist locally here in the Philippines. My influences range from Jack Kirby, John Byrne, John Romita Jr. to Jim Lee and Whilce Portacio. Maybe that explains the blending of styles you’ve noticed in my work.

I actually got a chance to work on a few titles before. Most recently, pencilling Hellcop and Houdini: The Man from Beyond GN (Image Comics). I am constantly sharpening my skills in the hopes of getting further into the business and working on other titles.

So, thank you again. Coming from you, it really made my day.


I did not remove the images, you just have to copy the link and paste it to a new browser.

terry melancon jr said...

who is Firefall on Gen13? in the submission plot on page 3,panel 1 they mention this character. can i get a picture of him/her. thanks terry

Anonymous said...

That's cool as shite!