Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New York madnesss!

New York madnesss!
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Just wanted to pop in real quick and say that I am slowly recovering from my recent NY trip, lol! As tiring as it was, I gotta say it was a blast! Great to get out there and meet the east coast fans and some really talented creators that I've admired for a long time!

Looks like I got a big ole' piece of humble pie served to me from Carlos and Jim in the 30 min CBLDF challenge too! In my defense though my wife was lighting up my cell phone the whole time, lol! Just kidding, both of those guys are pretty damn amazing artists, so getting whupped by them, in a way, is expected :)!

So now it's time to prepare for Wiz LA. This show is especially exciting because we'll be starting our talent search for the next Wildstorm intern! I can't wait to see the talent that comes out!

With that, I need to get back to work. Posted above is a doodle I did in a sketchbook for a great guy in NY. Had a lot of fun with this piece and in the process discoverd some new things about what I'd like to do with my art. Till next time, keep on keepin' it realz!

"I put some cheese on your on your corned beef hash, I hope you don't mind" WOOT! WOOT!


Fogger said...

Posted my art form the show (including a piece by Ale') here and pictures from the show here. Was great seeing you guys!

daniel said...

Hey Ale! thats a great piece...i would so love to come to the con to enter the competition but i live in Australia. Would it be worthwhile to send in my own version anyway? do you guys take submissions?

Urban Barbarian said...

You rock Ale! great sketch!