Thursday, March 30, 2006

Color Me Infinite - Step One: Flats


First thing I do is what we call "flat" an image. Basically, I select each object and fill it with the color I am going to use for it. It is at this stage that I establish the palette for the piece. I also begin to set the value relationships within the objects.

Someone asked me how I come up with color schemes for covers and pages. It's tough for me to answer that question because it just kind of comes to me. I know, sounds corny and stereotypical, but it just does.

Sometimes I will do a quick color sketch of it, especially if I am going to try something new or to work out any issues.



Fochod said...

I just saw the cover and I was in awe. The colors are fantastic!

Alex, thanks for showing us how you colored it. I hope the soccer (football!) injury isn't too bad.

Sinc' said...

Hahahaha. I am doing fine. I thought I might have torn ilgaments when it first happened, but the doc said nothing major happened. Thanks for the concern! And thanks to Jim, Eddy CHoi and the gang at Ws for letting me intrude her momentarily.


Fochod said...

It's all good when you get back on the pitch. :)

A lot of people have said this already, but I'll just say it again. It's great to see more Ws folk on the blog.