Wednesday, May 31, 2006

World's Finest


Sam Loeb was seventeen years old when he passed away from a three-year battle with cancer last June, but he had already touched and inspired the lives of so many in such a short time. I've never had the pleasure of meeting him personally, but have heard so much about him that I feel like I already have.

And come this Thursday, many more will too when SUPERMAN/BATMAN #26 reaches stores featuring a story by Sam with a little help from his friends. 26 of them in fact, including Arthur Adams, John Cassaday, Joe Madureira and Jim Lee, just to name a few.

Each artist drew at least one page of this bittersweet issue and posted above, is Jim's pencil rough featuring the young World's Finest team flying high above the city. Check back throughout the rest of this week for more work-in-progress scans of this double-page spread too.

For more on "Sam's Story," including how to make a donation, click:

Jeph Loeb on "Sam's Story"
Superman/Batman #26 Creators tell their "Sam Story"
Jeph Loeb on Superboy & "Sam's Story"


ink said...

i am so stocked on this issue , i've been following this issue for months and i to felt like i know this boy. I lost my uncle to cancer and this a such a great cause.

SteveW said...

Great cause , nice to see all these great artists working togheter for this .
Thanks for sharing the pics .

jtruong008 said...

I think the passing of Sam Loeb has affected many people in the comic world, pros and fans. Much like you, Eddy, I've never met Sam Loeb. But with all the news since Sam's passing, many of us have grown to miss him.

Now, being in Canada, our books were released on Wednesday. So, I have my copies of this issue. Great issue!

syrtheone said...

Jeph what can I say, my thoughts are with man.

Sebastian said...

There is something wrong with the date's on posts.. your writing in the future now