Monday, May 15, 2006

simple shapes

simple shapes Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.
(entry Rich)

I can't stress enough the importance of learning to see simple shapes in everything. Once you can see these cubes, rectangles, wedges, circles, ellipses, etc. The quicker you'll be able to draw these things you probably thought were way beyond your comprehension. Trust me they are not.

This stuff is not as complex as it might seem if presented the right way. It might take your eyes and mind a little while to catch on...but they will, if you keep looking and keep studying.

I am going to keep the rest of this thread on this post. You'll see over the next week more and more links appear. I have 2 images for tonight. One is more of the freehand sketches which you should be pounding through, and the other is some dissections of different objects from that spaceship cockpit.

Let me know you're out there by some replies or suggestions on this...and I'll see you in a day or two with some more breakdowns on this first 'case study'.

Richard Friend
freehand sketching 1

simple shapes, variations

disecting the cockpit 1

center line and vanishing points new (5/15,2006)


GY!BE said...

Nice. Thanks a lot for doing this, Rich.

infinitydarkness said...



savon599 said...

Rich ...this is very helpful man...infinitydarkness...why do you always got somethin' crispy to say? You need a hug....seriously dawg!

GY!BE said...

infinitydarkenss is actually Rich. He doesnt know and if he finds out, spacetime will fold in on itself, so dont tell him.

House of Rich.

Andreas said...

I like so far, keep them coming. I like your perspective breakdown. I've been thinking about perspective a lot since I picked up the Loomis figure drawing book. Even a simple figure looks much more believeable when we take perspective into consideration. The hardest part for me is drawingthe really simple shapes firest, and building on that. It is so tempting to go right in and put details in first. It's been a source of frustration to no end since I was young. Maturity has helped a little on that, but not much. Ha ha.

r_sail said...

mmm... simple shapes.

good stuff Rich. Perspective and vanishing points are as important as a pencil.

RichardFriend said...

sure...but you know once you get this stuff can bust it out with a pen and ink free-style.


I'll have more in a day or two. I am on a very tight deadline at work right now.

GTJDorris said...

Rich --

Your email address: apparently no longer works. We traded emails a while back and I'd like to discuss commissions with you if possible. If you don't want to post your address here, contact me at:

Thanks! Take care, be well.

-- Jonathan

MikeV said...

Rich did you get that marker and pen sketch from the Art of Star Wars Episode I? It looks familiar. Regardless, good foundation skill practice, keep it up! I'm not sure if you know about it but Gnomon Workshop has a slew of great instructional DVD's by Scott Robertson and Feng Zhu on designing various types of vehicles, quick sketching and basic perspective drawing with shapes that you might want to take a gander at. Hell, you can always write them off as a business expense for your taxes as well.
-Mike Vaillancourt

r_sail said...

Yeah freehand pen and ink is well, sloppy. I mean when I do it. I'm such a pencil, blue pencil, ink with a tiny pen, then a bigge rpen, then a brush.

But I'm still working on fundamentals, so it's nice to see someone else talking about it, as solitary as art is.


Stephen Studios said...

Cool perspective work!