Saturday, May 27, 2006


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(entry Rich)

sorry I dropped off the face of the earth there for a sec...deadlines and all.

Where's the new art?'s the first one.

(I was a little short on time for my original post and had to keep the message brief. I thought I would come back and add some more to the post) We've all be really busy at work lately. For me I know inking two books is a real knuckle buster. The other folks are doing their double duty work as well. In my down time I have been drawing as much as possible. I can usually get in an extra 5 to 7 hours per night to work on my penciling. I have really been getting into poster artist Drew Struzan lately...since I can't paint I have been getting braver and braver with my pen and ink stuff trying to mimic different things I see. I have now moved into more tonal pencil drawings and at some future point I'll add some of that art up as well. This piece is basically a montage' (collage?) I can never remember which is a more accurate description.

Rich (again.)


fiz said...

Sorry to be totally off-topic, Jim, but do you remember Zap Comics from back in our CODASCO days? ;) Anyway, just wanted to say I'm glad things have worked out so well for you.

Winterbourne said...

That image is so awesome. A wallpaper of that would rock. :D

GTJDorris said...

Rich --

The old email address you had ( is apparently no longer active. Do you possibly have a new one that you can share? I had traded a few emails with you about a commission a while back and I'd like to try to speak with you further about that. Thanks, best wishes, have a good weekend.

-- Jonathan

MELLON said...

your detail and line work on this piece is killer, rich... can't wait to see what else you've been up to.


sedat said...

please tell me that you have a HIGH resolution scan of that picture!! Id really love to see all the details!!! awesome picture indeed. Keep on Rollin!
Best wishes,


hey rich,

where's more of your art lesson,looking forward to more especially a possible lesson on figure structure, haven't seen one since the 15th

NB2 said...

This looks great, Rich. It reminds me of Toppi's work in a very good way. Is there a bigger scan somewhere?


NB2 said...

Hey Rich, just out of curiosity, when is your birthday?


spinkick said...

this looks really great! how about giving us a few detail shots so we can see whatcha got goin on in there...?

thanks man.

Taclobanon said...

Great job, Rich!

I'd really love to see a bigger scan of this wonderful piece as well.

Bode said...

Nice piece Rich, the layout reminds me of Drew's Temple of Doom poster

krunner said...

It shows a strong command of the medium.

RichardFriend said...

I do have a larger scan now on the link in the message...

The layout isn't based on anything in particular.

Mainly I have been looking at Struzan for his pencil application. I like how he draws tiny details like vehicles, and the little characters that frame his big main images.