Monday, May 15, 2006

... before the pain

... before the pain
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Somehow I managed to forget that Sandra is a bit of a 'masochist' and LOVES a challenge, so when I asked her if she wanted to join me for the 'Rosarito/Ensendada 100 Kilometer ride' (down in Mexico) she said "yeah", but I wasn't sure if she'd REALLY commit to doing it (not all people seemingly consider being on a bike for four or five hours, going up 'endless' hills 'FUN') ... well, next thing I know, she's getting all the equipment necessary, and after a couple weeks of training, she's showing ME some good 'training hills' .... heheheh, and here I thought I was gonna have to go easy on her (^_^)

.... So, a good group of us went down there for the ride (most of us have been biking for a good while now), and some of my friends (along with me) were warning Sandra about how hard some of the uphills could get, to 'pace' herself blah, blah, blah ... specially 'cause most of us have been lazy bastards lately, AND haven't done a whole lot of biking, BUT anyway, to make a long story short, with only a couple months of training, Sandra kicked ALL of our 'seasoned biker' a$$es!!!

.... so here's a photo at the 'goal line', while Sandra was just kicking back and waiting for the rest of us slowpokes to get there ... damn her and her little runner legs!!! (^_^)

... how 'bout them apples?!?

p.s. thanks to this race and my forgetful a$$ (I forgot to put on sun-blocker), I have the 'sexiest' farmer's tan I've ever had!!! :)


GoingNuckinFuts said...

with a spongebob shirt like that..who would have expected her to kick ass right??

Gelatomettista said...

.... heheheh, I know Dude! towards the end of the race I started 'cramping' like a mo'fo', and all I could see was Sandra's 'SpongeBob' jersey slowly getting further and further away 'till she just disappeared beyond some hill ..... that Woman's like 'the little engine that could" I tell you!!! (^_^)


Inkblotz said...

Hehe that is awesome man.

Sounds like ya'll all had a good time though. I notice that it looks like your arm is still stuck in riding position :)


Peter said...

sounds like a challenge...very cool


Andreas said...

That was a ride I never got around to. Didn't know it was still running. SO many of the rides I knew about and did back in the days I raced (road and velodrome) are not around. Always count on the little women to kick your rear so hard. When I was racing there were these two short women that were firece competitors, beat me more than a few times, especially hills. Thanks for posting.

The Edge said...

Hey, I think the Metti's should do a post on what they do to keep in shape when they aren't at the drawing board. We all know comics take up a large part of your time but what do you do when you aren't making funny books?!

Gelatomettista said...

... heheh, what I do to keep in shape?!? ... well, lately, I'm doing A LOT of 'remote control' dead lifting and 'burrito' curling (^_^)

.... I used to be pretty good at staying physically active, but I have to admit that I've become a lazy bastard these last couple of years (or maybe someone just came and shrunk my jeans without me knowing!!!) ... Ale, Lee B. (before he moved to Italy) and I used to go to the gym ALL the damn time moslty to lift weights, then I would go 'mountain biking' all the damn time as well, but that was about 20 pounds ago :)

.... on the other hand, Sandra looks all 'buffed' right now, and Ryan Benjamin looks like a damn 'pro' basketball player ... oh yeah, and Jim's been going to the gym, so now he's all cut and sexy!!! heheheh


Noel said...

damn that looks like fun. i've lived in SD my whole life and haven't attempted that ride yet. i might try a half marathon first to see if i could hang.

sponge bob took it. craziness.

and california burrito for the win. good stuff.

GY!BE said...

Hmm, it IS pretty well known that women have more stamina =D

Lay off Carlos. He draws. Sandra is just a tracer. I mean inker. It takes less time and concentration,so she can go out and ride bikes all over the place.

Go tracers GO!

meek? said...

LOL @ the arm stuck in ridin' position. :D

Great story! Sandra kicks culo!


Gelatomettista said...

.... heheh, I just realized that my arm is still 'gripping' the handlebars ... good eye y'alls, good eye .... HEY, maybe I can make this into a good 'editorial excuse'! " I'm sorry I couldn't get that page done, my arm was frozen in 'riding possition'!" .... it might work :)

....let me tell you though, at this time (in the photo) the least of my concerns was the arm, the real 'pain' was a bit further south ...ahem, let's just say that those 'bike seats' can do a number on you after a few hours of riding. (^_^)



Andreas said...

Carlos, you just need to ride more. Back in the day when I raced I would do mostly off bike training. After a few months off the bike, I would get the southern pains. They go away after a few weeks of training. Just as long as the boys don't go numb, you should be fine.

Farmer tans may be sexy, but there is nothing sexier than finger tip tans and tan circles on the back of the hands from gloves, and helmet strap white stripes on your face.

The Edge said...

Ok...seeing as how you all brought up the "numb nuts" thing, I was wondering if any of you bikers had any suggestions about how to avoid that. I was biking pretty regularly and after an hour or junk went numb. Is that bad for you? Like unhealthy bad...or is that just the way it goes...I stopped biking because of that
any thoughts?

Gelatomettista said...

... I know what you mean 'Andreas'. I used to bike ALL the damn time (mostly mountain biking) and raced fairly often, BUT the past couple of years I've become a lazy bastard (and re-discovered the magic of 'fried food' and candies!!!) , so when I jump on the damn bike again, your whole body reminds you VERY quick just how out of shape you are (^_^) ...what kind of racing did you do before?

... and 'the Edge', that kind of numbness is fairly normal, the seat you use makes a BIG diference though. I HIGHLY recommend any seat with a 'love groove' (I like Specialized seats quite a bit, and they come in ALL prices) ... you want that 'groove' in the middle of the seat to 'release' pressure from the 'equipment', and that way it doesn't go 'numb' as fast. It also helps to alternate from sitting possition to standing possition just to give your butt and legs a bit of a rest. You also have to make sure that your hip bones are firmly sitting on the widest part of the seat. If the seat is too far back, then you are putting most of your weight on the 'junk area', so try sliding the seat back and forward, see where it feels more comfortable ... hope that helped, other than that, you just have to ride some more to build a 'seat callus (^_^)


Andreas said...

the edge: Besides what Carlos said, you should make sure the nose of the seat is level, or pointing slightly down. It also helps to stand up every once in a while to just get the blood moving, and relieve the pressure some. There are a bunch of good seats designed for the comfort of the boys. Chronic numbness from riding is a bad thing, and can lead to erectile disfuntion. *giggles* (that phrase kills me every time, even though I am a man.)

Carlos: Andreas is my real name. :) I used to race track (velodrome, there is one at Morely Field, Balboa Park) mostly, competed at the national level. Some of the people I used to swap victory with went on to the olympic team. I did some road racing, and did mountain biking for fun. Now I am 35 lbs. heavier, and my bike reminds me in the rump whenever I get the chance to ride. Ha ha.