Monday, May 08, 2006

Uno mas!!!

Uno mas!!!
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This is all you get! LOL! Make sure to pick up issue 2 on sale May 24th!!!!



Inkblotz said...

Those are some sweet pages!!!

Now issue 2 can't get here soon enough.

bat2supe said...

Nice, Nice, Nice !!!

Is it me or the colors became a lil' more bright in issue 2 (2 panels aren't enough to judge but ...) ??

Really NICE !!

P.S: " No, I will not make crappy comments." 100 times if you do so.

Pshoo, Pshoo ;)


Cassu said...

Those are some great inks!

Cesar- said...

Love these pages you posted so much I went out and purchsed Skye Runner #1 and have put it on my pull list for however long it runs. Thank to Ale and Rich doing such a great job with the pencils and inks respectively. Also major props to Jim Charalampidis for the awesome coloring job. This is one of the better look books on the market and the story by alle Werner is intriguing. Keep up the great job. Now if I could only get Ale and Rich to sign my copy. Hey howz about I send it to you and you guys take care of that for me :)


ditto,so far so good,tell jim and/or dc to publish more "battle chasers-like" books and if mad is still around chain him up and make him continue battle chasers, also when you get this into trade put alot of cool stuff in it too,ok