Friday, May 26, 2006



Hi, Eddy Choi here and I'll be keeping the keyboards warm, while the other guys are busy doing what they do best: drawing comics and taking names!

I've been at Wildstorm for almost a year now as Jim's assistant, but that's a post for another day. Today, it's about this killer Wolverine sketch from six years ago.

Back then, I was at my first San Diego Comic-Con and I was overwhelmed with just how big it really was. I'd been to the Chicago Comic-Con for years, but San Diego's a whole new ballgame.

Like everyone else, I wanted to get a sketch from Jim, but his signing was almost over by the time I got there. I waited around anyways just to watch him do a few quick sketches and that's when I saw him do this Wolverine sketch for a girl. Before this, he was only doing quick head sketches for fans, but this was a full-blown piece with a background. And ink! And GOLD!

What a GREAT con sketch! How in the world did she get it? And more importantly, how could I get one too?

I took out my camera and asked if I could take a quick picture of it and soon found out she worked at the booth. (Ah, an inside job.) Just one of the perks of being in the industry, I guess.

Cut to six years later and I'm sitting in her office meeting her for the first time. Or so I thought. She asked if we'd ever met before, but I couldn't remember anything. More recently, I was looking through her sketchbook and there it was on the first page. The same sketch I took a photo of six years ago. Wow, small world, huh?


meek? said...

Small world, indeed.

Great to read from you Eddy! You must regale us w/ details of what you're assistant duties entail one day.

Props for sharing this piece!


Kateness said...

Definately a sweet piece. :-)

meek? said...

Crapola... I misspelled "your." Sorry!!


Marvin Durán said...

hey, eddy? how you managed to keep this job hidden from the msn group for this long? we had to know from an outside source about this... heartbroken, I am. hahaha.

- marvin

SteveW said...

Nice piece !! I just got an incredible Two-face from Jim in Mantova , Looks great .
Thanks JIm!!!

Gelatomettista said...

Hey Marvin, we talked about it on the MSN site back in February, remember?

It's all good, ha, ha.


DADICUS said...

Great to see you made it in Eddy I was right there beside you and jim with my pal Vic when he did this one! I remember you video taping the whole thing or taking pics or something!! STAY FOCUSED

Fochod said...

Great story, Eddy.
Feel free to post more entertaining stories and how it feels to work at Wildstorm and what you have to do.
( Here's your coffee, sir ;) )

BTW How many issues of Teen Titans Go! has
Scott Iwahashi drawn? I might have to pick those up.

patman said...

hi eddy! i actually haven't been visiting the blog for so long. good thing you posted in art of JL to remind me.

so you are the lord of the blog huh? that's great news. now why don't you start posting videos of what goes behind wildstorm doors? ;)