Thursday, May 04, 2006

... my eyes are leaking!!!

(entry: Carlos)

hey ...waddup y'alls, how's it goin'?

I was at a Seattle show (Emerald Con) some weeks ago, and I really wanted to thank Jim Demonakos and his crew for making it all a damn cool experience, so: "Thanks Jim AND crew" (^_^)

... I would have had a much much better time if I hadn't been sick as a dog the whole friggin' weekend! :( BUT regardless of the damn 'cold bug', the convention was pretty laid back and quite enjoyable (although I didn't see any of my 'Grunge' heroes walking on the streets for MY benefit! That's the way it's supposed to happen right? :) )

....anyway, I did quite a few sketches and commissions while I was there, and this one here was for Chris Burnham, (a pretty cool dude from Demonakos' crew). This was the very first sketch on his sketchbook, and as flattered as I was, it also SUCKS going first!!! :) .... why you ask? well, for the same reasons nobody ever wants to go 'first' on shows like "Fear Factor". You are setting a kind of 'standard' (for better of worse) for the artists to come after you (unless you are a mega-talented bastard like Adam Hughes, who can give you an amazing sketch with both hands tied behind his back and drawing with his left foot!!! (^_^)) ... so that 'first page' on a sketchbook is usually intimidating.

... anyway, I'd been meaning to ask you all a favor, I've been wanting to start 'collecting' scans of pieces I've done in the past two or three years at conventions. Some of those I was pretty happy with and I'd love to have a copy of the image, but since they were done at a convention or at a signing, I have no copy or scans for most of these, so if I've drawn up something for you lately, could you pretty please be a kind soul and send me a scan or contact me though

Thanks y'alls,



meek? said...

Dang, that definitely set the bar high for future artists to follow! Nice, Carlos!


Fogger said...

Pretty sure you already have them, but just in case - mine are here.

GY!BE said...

Nice sketch, maricon!

Tempest said...

NICE Carlos

sweet pic

656er said...

Sure bro, I'll send those sketches you did for us at the Jack in the Box (haha)...