Monday, May 08, 2006

Skye Runner #2 (sneak peek)!!!!


As per request here is a sneak at upcoming issue 2! If you guys enjoyed the first, the second delivers with an interesting look at Skye's world, also we get introduced to a new key character towards the end!

I wanna give special props to the colorist, Jim Charalampidis, too. He's doing an amazing job! Either way enjoy...

"don't disturb" PSHOO!PSHOO!


Tyler Wilken said...

Dude Ale. I'm diggin this story so much. It does remind me alot of Battlechasers, but alot better. It been a while since I've had a book that I'm excited to get month to month. Keep up the great work.


GY!BE said...

Beeewwwwbs. Oh those are some sweet beeeewbs.

Kateness said...

Hm, bondage...kinky. ;-)

Cassu said...

That's gotta be some tough rope. o_0;