Monday, May 08, 2006

Where's Ale?

Where's Ale?
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Hey guys, whew! Seems like forever, eh? Kinda fell off the Earth for a minute. My book Skye Runner has come out and I gotta say that I'm excited about the end product! I couldn'tve asked for a better team to work with! Everyone pulled out all the stops! If you have any comments please feel free to post them here. If you haven't picked it up please give it a shot :)!!!

So I guess Ale's back yo! Welcome to our new members, JJ, and Ryan, these two guys bring an amazing amount talent to our group! Again, just wanted to pop in and say WOOT! WOOT!

"pshoo like you mean it!" PSHOO! PSHOO!


bat2supe said...

Hey, Ale!!

Welcome back to the blog.
Talking about Skye Runner: That's what I call a 1rst issue.

There was action, presentation & what I missed so much in comics, Captions (seriously).

The art was excelent & fitted perfectly with the atmosphere of the story.
The script was easy to read without neglecting to fill us with informations.

Hope you'll continue with that kind of quality.


Inkblotz said...

Hey Ale'

Skye Runner looks to be off to a great start. I think ya'll did a great job of getting things set up and making us want to know more about the characters and what is and has gone on.

The art looked amazing. I defintly think it is some of your best work. Along with Rich's inks and Jim's colors it is great.

Also I had to get your cover and that great looking cover that Carlos did (my comic shop didn;t get Mr. Lee's cover but it looked great in the preview)

Really looking forward to issue 2. Any chance of getting a little sneak peek ;)


Neo said...

The guy in the far right of that black n white picture grew to 7' 11" David Kiel who played Jaws in James Bond.