Friday, May 12, 2006

messing around

messing around Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

(entry Richard Friend)

I have been doing some strange stuff lately. I have been doing different things each night with sort of a broad outline of the end result.(I guess loosely it's a story) A bunch of it is mainly figure studies (from photos.......*oh my god) But then I have been bouncing back and forth with this other imagery. The other images are perspective studies and revolve around a space theme.(solid nod to Stanley Kubrick and Ridley Scott) I am having so much fun in fact I may continue doing it as a story after I finish my practice run which will go I think 4 more nights. The concept I guess is being lost in space. Originally I liked the idea of a single cosmonaut maybe in a crippled ship and what the human mind might go through knowing it's drifting in an endless abyss and there's no help coming. Ever.

This first whack at it was just a practice run (not planned really....I had an idea for a final image which had NOTHING to do with space) and was meant as a learning tool, but I am having so much fun and I have so many ideas it's really creating itself and I might move forward with this. There is some nudity (please note) but it's figure studies so I wanted to give anyone a heads up who that might not appeal to.

Here's one of the space images.


To see the whole thing:artshake


Neo said...

Hi Rich
Wow! You are one of the "very few" Artists out there taking a risk and following your creativity, not the dollar! I know we all need a few bucks but man you get my support. I love your passion for creation and the journey. I love your excursions into the unknown.
Look forward to more.

syrtheone said...

The energy is so real in this, because the picture you paint with foreshortening and perspective is very dynamic. I can tell you had fun doing this; I have always wanted to be able to have as much fun doodling as when I am trying to get paid for it, and I'd have to say, it is because of you pros doing drawings like this, gave me the break through I needed, to help me be better creatively.

Dave said...

Love the drawing, did you do it black on white then reverse it in PS or the like? Or on black paper or scratchboard? As for the theme, I heartily recommend "The Stars my Destination" by Alfred Bester. The first part of the book deals heavily with the concept of being stranded in space.

RichardFriend said...

all the art is drawn in pencil only. I popped it into photoshop and did a move called "inverse" with a grey scale version. Then I converted the line art into color and the white of the paper into black. I know very little about photoshop so everything I do is pretty basic and usually done in less than 3 or 4 "moves"


The perspective itself is based on a Kubrick shot. I think it's called curvalinear perspective.


tyldak said...

Hey... can you explain how you got those cool, smooth curved long lines? French curve? Big ellipse template? Something else?

And, yeah, it's called curvilinear perspective, or 5-point perspective. Usually only used on city shots (AFAIK, which isn't saying much), but it looks really cool in a tight, confined space like this.

Gelatomettista said...

I did use a french curve but you need to establish the arc fist. Or maybe use it on just a few sets of grids. I wouldn't confine or restrict the shot by using a template to begin on everything because the drawing can get stiff or end up looking flat. If it fits then use it. These drawings are about 8.5"X11" and I can arc my hand freehand well enough (especially at that size) so I don't need to use a curve but I did for the neatness of the spacing of the lines in parts.

I left a lot of the extra lines on purpose as a style thing. Like the understructure stuff so it would look like blueprints or you are seeing the guts of things.


Andreas said...

I would pay to see a movie based on the idea of an astro, or cosmo aboard a crippled, and possibly falling apart ship with no chance of rescue, but goes on with a will to live. See the mental changes as he lives in isolation, making up little games to pass the time, paranoia setting in. That would make a good Outer Limits episode too... cool.

Oh yeah, and I finally picked up my first copies of Loomis books in hardback. Fun With the Pencil, and Figure Drawing for all it's Worth. I love his sections on perspective.


awesome studies,more please! as far as leaving the extra lines to show it's guts,keep showing them. I use these blogs to help me understand anatomy more,so show more figure studies

r_sail said...

this is weird, I spent the last two days working on THE SAME IMAGE!!! Weird.

I'm using a scene from 2001, for a test run on a special project. This is one of the panels I was using. In the end I cut up much closer on dave, and focused on his face.

Regardless it was kinda odd to have the page load up an image I have been working on for the last few days... great minds and all that I guess. :)


RichardFriend said...

It's a great shot and pretty interesting to work through. It really helped me a lot and I see myself doing a lot more studies and elaborations of stuff from film.

It's been great practice.

I want to work through perspective again pretty thoroughly and then start getting back into organics like trees, plants, and animals. (Which I haven't done in over a year...)