Thursday, May 04, 2006


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I thought this was interesting in regards to an amazing final bid/private sale in the fine art world..

A Pablo Picasso painting just sold for a 95.2 million. Is that insane or what?

'Dora Maar au Chat'



antonio said...

No is not insane Dear Rich!!
I guess it is a matter of what you can afford...
Big toys for big boys...hahahahah

I prefer picaso in his Academia times or the different periods he was like the blue or the pink one, watch Guernica when you have some time.


Jon Tsuei said...

Wow $95.2 million. I can't imagine having that much money, let alone enough to spend $95.2mil and not be flat broke afterwards.

SteveW said...

His anatomy is way off !! just kidding , can't imagine even beeing loaded with money to ever spend that amount on art .
But as mentioned before it's a prowl piece for the big boys .

To each his own ,

GY!BE said...

Mr. Liefeld missed his calling by...i dont know, a lot of decades

Batgirls--itch said...

That makes Jim Lee's originals seem like a steal at And Garza has a bunch of prime pages at
Bargain prices for skillful original art.

RichardFriend said...


oh man those replies are FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!


I can totally get spending a lot of money on a famous piece of art. And I can get why people would collect aggressively the first true Modern Artist(Picasso)

but holy sweet the hell do you have 95.2 million to spend on something......hahahaha I would love to see what other stuff this person has....I bet their house is killer.



That kind of buy would even make people like Bill Gates and Oprah go....'damn that's a lot of skrilla...yo.' (That's of course Bill Gates talking...Oprah doesn't speak jive.)


My guess is...if Wolverine would have been in the probably would have broke 100 mil.



Neo said...

The trick to selling high priced crap like this is, you have to be dead to make sure you never see a penny of it. I could paint better than that wearing boxing gloves sunglasses and the lights out! lol

jrsorrell said...

Man...too bad it didn't sell while he was still alive!

Ol' blue eyes said...

Ok, I consider myself something of an "art" fan, not just comics but art in general, but I have never gotten Picasso and I doubt I ever will, I just don't get it... rather, I don't get why he's so heralded about his work when it's not technically or even visually superior to many other's work. 95 million for a Rembrandt? I'd see that happening, Da Vinci? You bet... but Picasso?

I guess that person knows something I don't... then again, if he has 95 mil to spend, he probably knows a lot that I don't!

antonio said...

We are not talking about the technique blue eyes, for instance I agree with you that is his work is not my cup of tea but to understand the inner ideas on what He apply and the way that cubism works and how he from the Academia started to open his work to experiment similarly to what happened to Dali, that after being part of the academia dali started his own vision with surrealism.
remember that the key word to understand is that cubism is just movement or in other terms is like If you were talking a picture of a moving object that is one of the reasons of the rare shapes, hard to explain or for instance the way manet used the brush strokes intead of having them almost detectless He was intelligent enough to make colors blend in the brain and not in the image...
Well my two cents..


UrbanBarbarian said...

I'm with Antonio on this one. Not my cup of tea but a lot of people don't realize the steps the man took to get there. He changed the art world dramatically. So his paintings are now pieces of history at this point.

Kalenguppy said...

I'm not sure if I'd call him the first true modern artist, but I do have an appreciation for his work just based on the dimensional theory he was working from.
I don't find the resulting images all that stunning, but I do find the thoughts behind them and what was being attempted to be absolutely challenging and evolutionary.

shaan said...

now why would anyone want to spend 95 million on a twisted piece of art like this. i guess whoever does do so will be doing so "just" to have a picasso in his collection. i've always maintained this and i still maintain this....the comics industry has loads of people who are much much more talented than people who's stuff is displayed in exclusive galleries and are auctioned off for unearthly prices. very few of these people actually appeal to me.
PS:Offtopic, but Hope to see Brazil lift the world cup for the 6th time in Germany and hope Barca wins against Arsenal in Paris.