Thursday, June 01, 2006

World's Finest - Continued


Can you spot all the major changes from the original rough?

Also, check back tomorrow to see the background come into view and don't forget to pick up SUPERMAN/BATMAN #26 in stores today.


.just.a.ghost. said...

I am looking for the "major" changes and don't see any. I feel dumb.

All I "think" I see is Robin is looking away instead of at us.

Inkblotz said...

Yea I noticed his head.

I also see that he arm and staff are moved into a diffrent position and the staff now extends past his head.

That is all I can find.


UrbanBarbarian said...

It's incredible to see Jim's intial rough transform... I still marvel at his craftsmanship!

Very sorry to hear about Jeff Loeb's son.

syrtheone said...

Well first of all I can see many changes. The head is at a different angle as to allow more of the chin to be shown.

Originally the cape was sketched to come out to the right of Robins head above the petruding left hand as well as the back and left of the head. Here the cape was confined to the back.

The right heel is now more visible as well, originally it was hidden behind the left shin. Of course there were details added to the left boot as well as the uniform, face mask etc. Supeboy was made more defined as well.

That's all I see, awesome work as always.

Peter said...

this issue was worth every penny...great comic book for a great cause

The LoveHater said...

The only "major" change that I saw was that he sucked in Robin's gut some, put more laces (?) on his uniform, moved his ear and hair forward. As someone who draws, I wouldn't consider many of the differences "changes" being that a lot was still in a loose sketch stage. Otherwise he gave more depth do his cape, detailed his mask, and elongated his belt.

.just.a.ghost. said...

Yeah, I agree with love hater, I really see no major changes, just cleaning up his roughs.... So Eddy, what were the "major" changes?