Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Unique Privilege

A Unique Privilege Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

Warner Brothers has given their employees a special way to say thanks to all the men and women of the armed forces on this upcoming 4th of July. We've been given postcards which we can write a little note on and they are all going to the soldiers overseas in Iraq. I had the coincidence of meeting a guy yesterday who's going over to Iraq in less than a month. It really makes any problems I have here at home seem very insignificant when people like him are brave enough to go and support our country. I asked the guy I met..."do you think they will like a drawing on the card?" and he said; "Yes and they'll probably keep that thing forever." That just blew me away and I really bared down and just decided to do as many as I possibly could.

It's just mind boggling how brave all these soldiers are and what they are sacrificing for us here in the United States.

It's really important we don't forget them and that we support them in any small way we can.



Jimmy T said...

Good for you as a former Marine I can tell you it is important and means alot in country to recieve cards and letters.

Jimmy T

Gelatomettista said...

my name sake Richard Allen Friend(my dads brother) was killed in Vietnam(at age 18) fighting with the 101st airborne. My grandfather who raised me, was a 30 year vet with the Marines(World War 2 and Korea) and my dad fought with the Big Red One at age 17 over in Vietnam as well.

I really respect our service men and have seen first hand the effects of war on the people who have experienced it. If there's anything I can do to help out in any way. I have resigned myself to do so.


SteveW said...

Great gesture , and I'm not even an American but I trained with them for a month in Fort Campbell and served with you guys on the same cause in two foriegn operation . It's nice to see how y'all stick up for each other .

GY!BE said...

Wow I didnt know that. I always figured they just looked at those things and thought "Oh yeah ok thanks...i gotta go get shot at now..."

Gelatomettista said...

well.....let's hope not. I am not saying that people are going to cherish these things...I almost always assume people don't follow comics...that was why I asked if he thought a note would be better than a doodle and some little note added to that.

I purposely made all the post cards I did very colorful, as much detail as I could squeeze in and I also made a lot of texture with splatter. They smell like markers, have some vibrancy with color, and you can feel the art with all the little splatter and textured layers of stuff.....all the footage I have seen over there looks dirt colored and just very similar.

I figured a little blast of energy might be a nice change of pace for a brief moment..

For anyone interested here's a link to the first 8 cards I did.

Jimmy T said...

Trust me They are appreciated. Will Eisner sent me a cartoon and signed my M-16 book he illustrated and it meant the world to me and others that got them years ago. Postcard, letter, Comic it does not matter, it makes home a little closer and having support makes life worth living.

Jimmy T