Sunday, June 25, 2006

Operation Super Hero


I think Rich has already said what the rest of us feel in the studio, so here are more postcards to help support our military men and women overseas.

Stay safe, be strong and come home soon!


meek? said...

Those are really dope. 8]

LOL @ JJ! :D Big ups to you for bein' able to fit THAT much of PowerGirl in the postcard. ;]

Carlos... WOW!!


Jay.Mac said...

Fantastic to see you all support the troops like this. If American soldiers are anything like their British counterparts, I'm sure these cards will be highly cherished.

Press Oblivion said...

Amazing work guys!
I think that the Adam Archer drawing really captures the essence of Superman. The Salute is not only a sign of respect but an honorable gesture as well to anyone in the miliatry.

Love the Power Girl too.

Jeremy said...

Hi guys. I love the stuff you are doing for the military.

I was wondering if you guys volunteer your time to the local community and if a non-profit could ask for your help in teaching kids?

I know this is probably the wrong place to ask this, but I can find no other way to get in contact with all of you. I would appreciate any response you can give me.


Yano said...

Wow...those are awesome! I'm sure that our troops overseas will really appreciate this.

patman said...

wow! makes me wish i was part of the troops. heh!

that cap image by carlos is simply fantastic! the best one in the lot. the power girl postcard is also amazing although i think it would have been better if bits of PG jutted out of the frame ;)

jrsorrell said...

Nice! I really like the Captain America one!

shearert said...

Very cool! As a member of the Air Force, currently assigned in Baghdad, I would LOVE to be one of the lucky recipients. I'm not sure where these were distributed, but I'm sure they were impressed.

Thank you all for your continued support!

SSgt Tom Shearer
US Air Force
Baghdad, Iraq

wasb5 said...
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