Monday, May 30, 2005

Baseball Digression

Baseball Digression


Well, I've kept my peace for a couple of weeks now to make sure not to jinx it but my Padres have taken control of the National West. For you all folks not into baseball, you can go to yer next website of choice...for the rest of you into the national pastime, it's been a great season.

The Padres started off cold but lately they have literally MOWED down the competition and not all just fluffer teams like the American League East gets to get big on (Tampa Bay, Detroit). Teams like National League central leaders the St. Louis Cardinals and National League east contenders Atlanta and Florida. Sad to say but it makes my day when they pummel the likes of the hapless Giants and Dodgers--both of which I loathe.

The Swingin' Friars have been so hot lately (best franchise start EVER) that I fear the day when it all comes crashing down because anyone who follows baseball knows, it's all a game of peaks and valleys (unless yer the 1998 Yanks). But luckily the victories keep coming from different aspects of the team. Some days, it's different batters tearing it up. Other days, the bullpen saves the day. Others, the starting pitchers go all 9 to give the relievers extra rest.

Against all better judgement, I predict here and now a I-5 World Series. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs the San Diego Padres of San Diego. (BTW the I-5 is the highway that connects San Diego to Anaheim).

How I see the playoffs shaking out: White Sox takes on Rangers (wild card). Red Sox (sorry don't think the O's have enough in the tank to keep it up and the Yankees pitching is really horrible this year) against Anaheim.

Anaheim against the Rangers. Anaheim advances to WS.

The National League playoffs would go: STL vs Braves. Padres vs Marlins. Padres take down the fish to face the Cards.

Padres advance to the WS vs Anaheim. I do like the Rangers tho (always love the underdog teams) and think the Pads-Rangers would be awesome just to see how low the ratings could be for a World Series. But hell, aren't we just sick of the BoSox and all the east coast Baseball coverage on ESPN anyway?!
--cue sound of chirping crickets--

Let the flaming begin!


Tyler Wilken said...

I hate you Jim! You are so wrong! In all seriousness those are some great picks. (As hard as it is for me to admit...Giants fan) The Padres are looking extremely good right now. Best of luck in the rest of the season.



Hope they win eh-

Unfortunately, when my teams don't win I go Canadian, and the Orioles lost the last 3 games.

Sam Out-

caseyko74 said...

I am sorry to tell you Jim, it will be the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series this year and they will once again retain their place as the greatest baseball team of all time.

rkalita said...

How dare you sir, or should I say sirs. Give respect where respect is due. The White Sox are going through some rough patches but should get hot again soon, when my home slice El Duque returns, all will be well again in the rotation. Two words: John Gizarland. In reference to the Padres, as long as Jake Peavy keeps up his end of the bargain and keeps me atop my fantasy league, they're ok. White Sox, best record in baseball, don't worry about it.

The Edge said...

You are all out of your minds. The Red Sox have not only dealt and beat man made obsticles but they have even overcome the supernatural (and no I don't mean the Yankees!). Last year was the start of a new world order and the Sox will be the kings of it all. Thousands, millions of us New Englanders have waited what seems like millenia for this to happen and we will do whatever it takes to see our teams on top...Just wait for Basketball and Hockey to make a comeback!

Elayne said...

No flames here, but I think it's way, way too early to call World Series contenders. I don't even glance at the standings until around the All-Star Game. Until then I just follow individual Mets and Yankee games and hope the Yanks don't keep losing 17-1...

1031 said...

I'm with you on the Padres winning the NL West, Jim. I picked them before the season began, and even though they got off to kind of a slow start, with how weak the West is, I figured they'd climb to the top and stay there soon enough.

However, no way do they get past the Cardinals to get to the Series. I gotta agree with casey on this one. St. Louis is just too strong a team this year.

And the Angels? I'm not buyin' that either. I know they're way behind the White Sox right now, but I stick by my Twins prediction. If nothing else, they'll win the Wild Card and they have such a strong top two or three pitchers, and a killer bullpen...and the White Sox really can't stay this hot all season, can they?

Go Cards! ;)

N. J. Pozner said...

All I know is, the Seattle Mariners aren't winning anything this year.

.just.a.ghost. said...

The only reason Seattle Mariners are not winning is because Neal does not Cheer enough for them.

Padres all the way this year!!!! (of course I say that every year, along with the Chargers)

Gabe_Eltaeb said...


It's tough being a Padres fan in Colorado. I grew up in socal (I went to Rancho Bernardo High School.)

Obviously we don't get channel 4 padres out here in Colorado, but last year I ordered MLB over the internet and watched the Padres on my computer. It is really cool.

I went to the rockies game vs the Padres the day after opening day here in Colorado. MAN oh man are the fans mean to Klesko. They call him all kinds of messed up names. It got so bad that security came and told this group of hecklers to shut up or leave.

I love the Padres and I think I'll catch a game or two when I'm in town for Comicon (they play the Diamondbacks every day of the con.

I'm done rambling, thanks for reminding me of "home."


Gabe_Eltaeb said...

oh yeah one more thing.

Kahlil Green was the rookie of the year last year. I don't even want to hear it form anyone. He got robbed and you KNOW it.

Ron Lim said...

Flame on!

Well, first of all, the giants are without their two best players (Bonds and Benitez) and they're still playing .500 ball. Not to mention the slow start by Alou. While I dodn't expect the Giants to necessarilly come back and win the west, neither do I believe the Padres have a chance at the division.

Why do you loathe the Giants anyway? I mean, everyone hates the Dodgers... but the Giants?


icemanx62 said...

Hey Jim,

How long do you think Loretta will be out?

n8_sfs said...

just went to the Oakland vs D-Rays game and my A's are hopefully starting the comeback. it was a great game we were celebrating my b-day with brews brats and bats, had 14 seats field level and loved every minute of it -n8gee

hjcho said...

The Padres go to the Series twice in one decade? I guess it could happen. Despite the Yank's lame start, I don't believe the Sox will take the AL east outright this year, they could do the wild card or maybe Lee MAzzilli's crew will not fade in the stretch.

It's hard to predict, but the fan in me believes the Yanks will overcome their deficits and win the AL. Even with their big offense and excellent bullpen, I don't think Anaheim has the juice this year. As far as the NL, I think the champ will come from the East, but who it will be is hard to say - the Fish are looking pretty tough behind D-Train and Beckett, and Atlanta always ends up hot.

-pbd said...
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Gelatomettista said...

Well I hate Giants fans cause they used to come to the Q and take over the stadium. Plus they have a great ballpark and history; neither of which the Pads had til recently (still workin on the history part).
They also have the worst bullpen in the west nevermind losing Benitez who wasn't that great to start with. Every reliever and I mean every (cept Hawkins) looked WRETCHED. Got to have a good pen to play into October, no?

Loretta is supposedly out just 2 months...we shall see. Blum has been a good fill-in guy tho it looks like he is headed to third and that Burroughs is on his way out.

The Yanks have really crudy SPs and we all know great pitching is more important than big offence during the post stretch. I give it to the Sox since Schilling should be back by then, Clement seems on a wicked tear and I think Miller and Wells are just gonna get better as the weather gets warmer.

The Mets are a funny team PACKED with talent yet like every other year they are just mediocre. Payroll does factor into whether I root for a team or not and the Mets have way too many dollars and not enough show to support it.

I too watch the Pads on MLB.TV and even bought Gameaudio when games are blacked out so I can tune into the home broadcast while on the road. I even tune into the mighty 1090 postgame report which streams on the net! I lurk on the SD Tribune Pads site too....don't know who's more bitchy tho. Hardcore superhero fans or hardcore BB fans = P

Seattle is a mess; Beltre and Sexton have both underperformed but that Ichiro is AMAZING. I saw that dude climb the wall like Spiderman to try and rob homers. Incredible player to watch.

And now I see the Pads have taken down the Brewers. I have season tickets but am gonna be out of town for this weekend's showdown with the Cubs...doh!

Ryan said...

NL East: Marlins
NL Central: Cardinals
NL West: Padres
NL Wildcard: Braves
AL East: Red Sox
AL Central: White Sox
AL West: Angels
AL Wildcard: Twins

Cards vs. Angels in the World Series, with the Angels winning.

Depite the fact that my Blue Jays have been playing reasonably well, we just don't have the starting pitching or dominant bullpen to win this year (as evidenced by us almost losing a game which we were leading 7-2, winning 9-7 against Seattle's B-team).

While the Padres have achieved some success thus far, I just don't think they have the experience to exceed in the playoffs. The acquisition of Brian Giles (a steal) was a start, but I think they need maybe one more starter a little more help for Trevor Hoffman before they will be contenders...which will probably be next year.

Hoping to come to San Diego for the first time this year and maybe catch a game during the show...although, it is the D'Backs...ugh...

Jim Lee, please come to the PCTC!

hjcho said...

re: Schilling. My personal dislike for the guy aside, he did an amazing thing in the post-season last year, and deserves all the cred. However, I believe he has sustained a career ending injury, and I don't think he will be a factor this year. Was it worth the cost? Sure - he made history and cemented his legend status.

re: Yanks starters. Yeah, they are an overpaid group of underachievers, but the pleasant surprise is Chien Ming Wang. Everyone was saying they leached their farm system, when up pops Wang and Cano! I sincerely hope they do not use either for trade bait - these guys could be the next Pettite and Jeter. I'd rather they try to unload Jaret Wright when he comes off the DL, but that will be tough. I'm still waiting for the real Randy Johnson to arrive. If he stayed in Arizona, then I agree the Yanks are toast.

re: Mets, Mariners, etc. The recurring theme this year seems to be that high-priced free agents are not performing for pretty much anyone. I can't think of any of the big money guys who has made an impact yet this year - Maybe Pedro. At least the Mets are playing 500 ball. Anything is an improvement over last year.

nohoohboy said...

I love you as an artist and you're cool and all, but the respect level drops a notch cuz the Dodgers will rain on the Padres. I don't trust anyone on that pitching staff save Peavy. Dodgers and Angels in a Freeway World Series!

GTJDorris said...

My own Bravos will win the division and lose in the first round of the playoffs with the worst bullpen of any contender in the bigs right now. Dan Kolb? He couldn't close a book.

P.S. Ciao from Gorizia!

Riki said...

First of all, thank God for Best thing to happen to baseball.

Don't follow NL much, but I'd say Atlanta will at least make it to the playoffs, the way they do every year.

Red Sox will turn it around in the last half, just like they did last year. The Yanks aren't completely out of it just yet either. Everyone who's not a RSox or Yanks fan hates the AL East, but the World Series AL champ will come from the East. Sox get better and better the hungrier they are, and they don't get that hunger until later in the season. My prediction will be a rematch of last year, Sox vs Cards; Sox go 3-0, then 3-1, then take it in 5.

Riki said...

Oh, also, I'm happy the Padres are doing well, because Dave Roberts rock! He's the one player other than David Ortiz that I'll remember from the 04 Sox champs.